Ten's weekend woes

That Rugby figure is a disaster. Beaten by an EPL game on SBS

I honestly can’t think of a genre or type of program that would work for Ten on Saturdays.

ABC goes old & British and Ten would never get those viewers. 9 and 7 often have sports. 7TWO and 9Go seem to do well with UK drama and movies.

The problem is the younger demos that watch Ten are not watching broadcast TV on Saturdays.

I think the only option is to go broad appeal movies - and schedule promote and market them with limited commercials. They can’t give the weight and marketing needs to launch or promote series on Saturday nights.

So I would run Bondi Vet or Feud repeats 6-7. Then go with a branded movie block from 7pm of two movies back to back with limited commercials

“Movies & Chill”

Promote the fact there is a movie every single Saturday at 7 and 9.30 - with 50% less commercials.

US cable networks are reducing commercial loads by 50% on same nights and seeing a big spike in ratings and charging a premium for those advertisers as there is less commercial clutter. Only 3 ads per break. They are selling ads for moire and getting more viewers.

9GO is practically showing what Ten used to show on Saturdays with 16-39 content, and despite being a multichannel, is beating Ten on Saturdays.

Ten needs to go back to 16-39 content. In 2009 and 2010, Simpsons Marathons on Saturdays in non AFL states did very well from memory. 200k in Sydney. Now they can barely rate 200k nationally.

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Ten is not 16-39 focused anymore. They are 25-54 primary, 18-49 secondary.

16-39 is exactly the demo that is most likely to not be watching TV Saturday night.

They need to go broad I think and get as many demos as possible.

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This is the problem. No flexibility.

Even during the glory days of 16-39, Ten did schedule older skewing content.

There is flexibility.

They are not EXCLUSIVELY 25-54, just focused. As that’s where the bulk of ad dollars are.

11 targets 16-39

Ten still has older skewing content like Ten News, the Law & Order franchises, Good Wife, Blue Bloods etc.

This is what ten needs. A sport that rates.

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I think its the family audience they need to focus on. Variety. Something live. Graham Norton could slot in nicely. All star family feud as well. Forget Bondi Vet its a complete dud.

Hey Hey?

Daryl Somers has said that Hey Hey is expensive to produce. A cheap knock off might work.

Call me stupid but wasn’t Hey Hey a cheap knock off? I wonder whether the expensive part of the show was the amount of hosts there were and their contracts. I am pretty sure Ten could replicate something similar, or better, with someone without so many zeros on their check.

It would have been originally on Saturday morning, but as you say, in later years too many people on contract.

Anything with a resident band and/or live acts won’t be cheap either. Not sure about the cost of a guy dressed as a duck though :slight_smile:

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Do you mean Daryl Summors? :stuck_out_tongue:

A live comedy variety show needs an incredible Calibre of producers and writers to work.

That won’t be happening on a Saturday night.
On Ten. Or any network.

Also there is one example
Ever of a
Show like that working on a Saturday. One. And that’s hey hey. And last time they gave it a shot. It failed.

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Outside of live sport, free to air TV on Saturday night, Friday night and to some extent, even Thursday night will never be as big as it was in Australia 20-25 years ago for reasons that don’t need explaining…

I would go something like this…

6:00 All Star Family Fued/Are You Smarter then a Fifth Grader?/Surprise Surprise (all around 14 episodes each, can have split seasons also).

7:00 Red Faces*/Who Dares Wins/Candid Camera

7:30 Graham Norton/Saturday Magda (or Rove or Tommy or whoever they can get)

8:30 SVU double (new & repeat)/NCIS LA double (new & repeat)

Fun family formats until 8:30 (heavily funded by sponsors), then US Drama from 8:30, which will hopefully get some time shifted viewing if not live.

*Could be a rip off with younger hosts. Stretch the format to 30mins by

  • having the host introduce and interview the two guest judges for a few mins each,
  • having a segment pre-recorded making the host do something extreme to give them a ‘red face,’
  • having another segment pre-recorded with the host on the street trying to get people to do something to make them get a ‘red face.’

I got a bit carried away. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s the attitude the networks have and that is why ten only get a 5% share on a Saturday night. Rolling over isn’t going to fix the problem. I know Hey Hey worked. Didn’t Young Talent Time once air on Saturday nights as well?

In other news: It is quite embarrassing when an 8:30/9:00 show on your main channel is sponsored by TenPlay. NCIS rpts are obviously not enticing the advertisers so something needs to change here ASAP.

I like the ideas. Obviously you couldn’t call Red Faces Red Face. But yeah I like the idea. The other thing is if you are producing Australian content it needs to be an hour in length to justify the costs. Could could potential swap it around and have a regular or best of family feud at 6:00. 6:30 Red Faces 7:30 Game Shows 8:30 Graham Norton/Saturday Magda etc.

Bring back Gladiators.

Produce an Australian version of Robot Wars. That also had a decent run on Saturdays (UK version).

Finish up with a premiere movie.

That should do 15%:slight_smile: