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(10 News) First!

Who do we think will be our new national weather presenter?


Magdalena Roze?

She would be great but I can’t see the network hiring her after getting rid of more than capable weather presenters.

could it be from Sky News Weather. I can’t see anyone else doing it, maybe Tony Auden.

If I’m not mistaken, they were going to bring in a meteorologist.

Not 100% sure whether Amanda Jason (currently presenting Sydney forecasts in place of Tim Bailey - are we expecting him to return for an on-air farewell?) and/or Amanda Hart have the qualifications, but both have regularly filled in on Sydney/national weather segments in the past.

Can’t see him leaving Seven or South East Queensland.

Talking of Amanda Hart she moved to Britain in June last year, it suppose to be for a year and Hugh’s tweet at the time said she would be returning but that’s probably unlikely now…


Different networks I know, but Sophie Walsh & Paul Kadak would probably be in a similar position of not being able to return home to Sydney for a while until conditions ease a bit?

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Do we have any idea who will be the new national weather presenter?

Better not be, her presentation is boring. it is informative but not to the point where it is interesting.

Josh Holt would be the perfect contender if he weren’t made redundant.


Looking at her Instagram she appears to be fairly busy, and lives in Byron Bay with husband Darren Robertson who is a prominent restaurant owner and chef.


Amanda makes sense though, and comes at no expense. Put Charlotte Goodlet on weekends, and she can back up newsreading (and the Perth bulletin?) there from time to time.

Thursday (03.09.2020) - Friday (04.09.2020): Veronica Eggleton is presenting sport in Brisbane.


Friday 4 September-

Charlotte Goodlet is presenting weather in Sydney tonight.


Hannah McEwan could be another option. Not sure if she’s still with GTV. No real (metro) national profile, but is known across regional Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania thanks to stints at WIN and 9 Regional.

Also used to present on The Weather Channel and occasionally at Nine Queensland.

Josh Holt would have been my pick from the 10 talent pool, shame that option appears to be off the table.


Mike’s last day will be Friday 11 September.



Oh so looks like he will be based out of DC for the rest of the year given the upcoming election. With so much going on the US it shows that 10 are in need of another US based reporter. Nine are filing at least two stories from the US a night given all the politics plus protests and other things like natural disasters.


Charlotte Goodlet is presenting weather again this weekend.

With Emma Lawrence presenting sport this weekend.


Chris Bath was presenting in Perth.

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