Legal* Celebrity Encounters

Here’s all my intended celebrity encounters.

*I met Billy (an ABC cameraman) and Celina Edmonds on 16 October 2023, as part of a story on 7.30 about the future of special schools, which was aired on 24 October 2023. The story was shot at my high school (Alfred Deakin).

What television networks did she work with? Celina explained to me that before working at the ABC, she worked at Network 10 and Sky News Australia.

*I met Dylan Alcott on 1 September 2022, at the Job and Skills Summit, at Parliament House. > He noticed my talker

*On the day, I also met 2 independent politicians, Zali Steggall and Helen Haines. Helen and Zali even took a photo with me. I had to block Helen’s credit card because politicians cannot show private information online.

*I met many famous people at the 6 June 2022 Disability Royal Commision.

*I also met Riley, in Sydney, who was on Catalyst with Dr Jordan Nguyen, in 2016, as both Riley and I have cerebral palsy and both Riley and I control tech. Riley was 13 at the time

Some of this has been shared with some Media Spy members before.