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The new Firefox is very nice.


Only thing I don’t like is the amateurish look of the default skin. Looks like something a novice programmer would make to reskin their Chrome browser a darker shade of edgy.


What type of internet browser do you use?

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer :anguished:
  • Other

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Chrome on all the main comptuers, and Firefox on the TVheadend Server.


internet explorer: the number one browser used to download other browsers


I use Firefox on my laptop and Chrome on my phone.


Firefox on my desktop, Edge on my Surface, Chrome on my Android phone.


Safari on phone, and Safari & Chrome on laptop.


Chrome and Opera on my phone and laptop. Occasionally use Firefox on both, and Opera Mini on my phone. I avoid using Edge.


On Nine News Sydney earlier this week. It was reported that 5G wireless would be available by 2021, which would give speeds of up to 5 Gbps, 50 times faster than the top 100 M/bps available on the NBN now.


in perfect conditons, with no walls between you and the mobile antenna and one user sitting on top of the wireless modem.

what everyone forgets when they harp on about wireless is the following:

1 - it’s a shared medium. the more people who use it the slower it gets. ever tied to use your mobile at a footy game (or new years eve)?

2 - you would need a massive amount of towers to cover the country with any form of usable coverage. all these towers would be serviced by… Fibre… finally…

3 - pretty much all the major labs in the world who are researching increasing speed are doing it via fibre. this ties into Butter’s Law. Butters’ Law says that the amount of data coming out of an optical fiber is doubling every nine months. Thus, excluding the transmission equipment upgrades, the cost of transmitting a bit over an optical network decreases by half every nine months.


agree, I should have emphasised the “up to” bit.


At the moment, it is feasible to provide home broadband service via 4G. I know, because my home internet connection is provided via LTE.

It is a very reasonable proposition for the average household to actually go out and buy wireless internet service if their home internet is not up to scratch.

I pay $79 for unlimited internet, capped at 10 down/1 up Mbps. My home ADSL maxed out at 2-3Mbps (it was able to sync at 10Mbps in 2010), so this is a hell of a lot better than what I was able to get before. I regularly download around 300-600GB per month.

OVO offers 100GB for $70 a month, and this is at full Optus 4G speeds.

By the time I get NBN installed at my place, I reckon there will certainly be competitive wireless alternatives available.


Good deal. Who’s that with?




Vivid is a solid option nowadays that it uses the 2300Mhz 4G network and not WIMAX. It’s great that Optus finally updated the network and retained the Unlimited option (albeit at a capped speed) after years of letting the existing WIMAX network basically rot since they purchased it from Unwired/SevenWest.


I’ve been on since the WiMax days (I still have the old modem sitting on the floor of my bedroom) and while it was certainly less consistent than LTE, it wasn’t too shabby. I would regularly get around 7-20Mbps depending on the time of day.

It dropped occasionally, but it was certainly a lot better than my shitty ADSL connection which Telstra simply refused to rectify.

The horror stories I read about in Perth seemed to stem from oversubscription of services, which was partly driven by Telstra’s shocking ADSL coverage in newer housing estates with RIMs and deteriorating copper.


Has anyone seen Snapchat’s new update? You don’t even need to update the app for it to refresh…

I just hate it…


People still use Snapchat?


I miss the days of when MSN was the latest and greatest thing…