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I miss Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Chat… those nerds with their ICQ too, why couldn’t they go with the real software.

While reminiscing, does anybody remember when NineMSN tried a premium product? You could pay (I can’t remember if it was a once off or subscription) and essentially you then got a disc in the mail with a new browser branded Ninemsn and access to their premium Windows Live Mail and other products.

Another memory was Kahootz discs, advertised to schools in the late 90’s and came with games and stuff on them I think. The website was which shows up in but make sure you use the z - spelling it with an s went to an adult website, a “mistake” often made by teenagers back then.


God, I just miss the internet of the 00’s. Good times.


Didn’t like dial up, or ADSL 1 (ie. before 2+).
And not much YouTube (for most of the decade)


We have had Cable since day one.

There is still a Kahootz for schools, it’s just a quiz web app

Who also remembers Rainforest Maths? that was a good one back in the late 00’s!


Oh god, I remember using rainforest maths at school!
YouTube back then was better.


Dial up modem noises and having to divert mum and dad’s phone to the mobile phone so I could go on the Internet. Good times.

Then finally convincing dad to go on ADSL but he’d only go for the lowest 256kbps plan. 256, 512 and 1.5Mb only available before they really let things go by introducing the “up to” plans with up to 8Mb/s before ADSL2 and ADSL2+ came out.


My first home internet was ADSL 512. We didn’t get the internet until I was almost 16 at home.


Yes, my first foray into broadband was in 2003, on a 512 plan.
I used to think it was fabulous at nearly 10 times the speed of my previous dial up plan.
Though it’'s nothing compared to ADSL 2+, let alone NBN speeds.


I fucking hate Snapchat in general, but I’ve been roped into it by my friends. I resisted using it for at least five years. The platform itself seems geared towards enabling narcissism.

I find it incredibly inconvenient to have messages disappear after 24 hours in a group chat, and having direct messages to friends disappear immediately after viewing is madness.

This update doesn’t seem too bad. Some things are in different places, but it’s certainly not the end of the world. Some people will whinge about any changes they see anywhere.


The incredibly frustrating, vague and unintuitive interface of Snapchat, as well as it’s continued awful performance on Android puts me off using it more. I wish it were less popular.


Yeah I don’t like it either, but my sister-in-law who is 21 loves it, all her friends like it as well. No idea why, it’s very inconvenient.


Wasn’t sure where to post this

I have a Panasonic DVR (approx. 8 years old).

When I copy to a DVD-R disc, I prefer “high speed”, can legitimately do a 2-3 hour recording in 10-15min!

But for some reason, no program from a Nine or Ten channel will let me do it (have to try SP or usually FR if too long. Only Seven.

Any thoughts?


I think you have your terms mixed up. SP and FR do not refer to the speed of the recording. If you are transferring something from Ten or Nine that needs SP or FR it just means it is longer than one hour. Unless a program is less than one hour, I would always use FR - that would ensure the highest possible quality.

XP - Maximum Quality - 1 hour per disc.
SP - Good Quality - 2 hours per disc.
LP - Reduced Quality - 4 hours per disc
EP - Low Quality - up to 8 hours per disc.
FR - Flexible Record - Fits a recording onto a DVD using variable sample rates where the recording is between 1 and 8 hours. A good example of this mode is when recording a film that is two and a half hours. Flexible record will adjust the sample rate to best fit the film onto one disk.


I’d like to connect some speakers to my TV via the headphone jack. I’ve tried using a set similar to this:
Which do work well, however, when the room is silent emit quite a loud buzz which causes me to have to get up and turn it off at the powerpoint every night. I’ve also tried plugging the two smaller speakers straight into the TV, which works except the maximum volume is not really loud enough for me.

So my question is does anyone have any ideas? I’ve tried looking for an unpowered set to ensure no buzzing, but I’m figuring without the power I’m going to have the same problem with the maximum volume, or could that just be this particular set? Thanks :smiley:


The first thing I would try is to adjust the position of the various cables associated with the powered speakers - especially the audio cable from the TV to the powered box, then the cables to the L/R speakers. Even they moving the power cord for the speakers and if possible plug into a different AC outlet. These can pick up power line and other noise from a variety of things that are plugged in at the TV power point. Good luck.

Edit - also try work out which unit is causing the hum then turn the volume down on that unit and increase the volume on the other unit to achieve the same volume level.


If your TV has a separate “audio out” jack on the rear panel, either as a single connector that looks the same as a headphone jack, or as two (L and R) red/white RCA connectors, that should get rid of the buzzing.

A faint hope might be if your TV is a newer model with a HDMI port that has an ARC (audio return) or Optical Audio out, you could try a soundbar.


You’ll always require some form of amplifier, unless you’re planning on sitting directly next to the TV. The audio output on those line outputs or headphone jacks are extremely low, and must be amplified to be audible even at short distances.

What you should do is buy a soundbar from Kmart. It’s designed specifically for the purpose of plugging it into line outputs on your TV.


Not the best of soundbars i’d imagine.


Thanks to all of you for your knowledge/advice/ideas. I tried plugging the subwoofer into a number of different powerpoints, but the hum remained - I think it’s coming from the internals of the device rather than through the actual speaker, and changing the volume makes no difference. But they were very cheap speakers at the time and are now very old, so I can’t complain that much.

I bought a little usb-charged 3.5mm input speaker today, which so far has great volume and will be much easier to turn off than going to the powerpoint every night, so I’ll give that a go in the meantime, and I’ll also look into maybe getting a soundbar of some kind. Thanks again :smiley:


Has anyond had any problems with the latest windows ten update breaky specific hardware in their laptops.
Have a surface pro 3 and its constantly downloading new build updates and oncs its installed it breaks my wifi adapter and connection.

Im looking at two options and tha both involves restore and factory to original 8.1 or original 10, but it will be last resort.

Im useless when it comes to this stuff lol