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Telstra will be giving its users free data for today only after a massive outage a few days ago.

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Good for Telstra customers especially after the incident on their end. I actually stayed away from using my 3G Data on Sunday. Yes I know its free, but I have WIFI so there wasn’t point in using the Telstra network to stream my shows. I only really stream Sky News and Cnn on my ipad on my way to work during the day and that’s free, but enough about me.

Did anyone hear take the advantage of this offer? :stuck_out_tongue: If so how much did you guys manage to transfer over the Telstra Free Data sunday initiative ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Apple today are expected to launch a new, smaller iPhone (same size as 5S, integrating the new stuff) and new iPad. iOS 9.3 is also expected to be released.

Is it just me or is the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro just way overpriced?

I mean, I currently have an Air 2 9.7 inch 64GB with 4G, which is still available at $889 (I paid about $850 that was 9 months ago).

BUT… If I were to upgrade to the equivalent iPad Pro (which would have to be the 128GB model, since there is no 64GB version), it would cost me $500 more than my Air 2 !!!

It’s not so much about the price of Apple products themselves, they are generally reasonably competitive price wise against the top of the line Sony, Samsung, HTC products etc, BUT it’s the huge price jump from Air 2 to the latest same size equivalent iPad Pro 9.7 inch model that I can’t fathom.

I think the next new tablet I get will be a Samsung Galaxy S2 (or S3 if I wait that long)… Don’t get me wrong, my Air 2 has been a good tablet, but it just doesn’t really ‘wow’ me in any way… eg. it doesn’t have a nice AMOLED screen like the Samsungs have.

Telstra relaunches entertainment package

Telstra will offer three-month free subscriptions to leading digital streaming services Netflix, Stan and Presto on selected mobile plans, as the telecommunications giant relaunches its entertainment package in the face of increased competition from rivals Optus and Vodafone.

Telstra has packaged subscriptions to Presto, owned by Seven West Media and Foxtel, and Stan, a joint venture between Fairfax Media and Nine Entertainment, with mobile plans before but it has never bundled the three services at the same time.

Telstra will also provide its mobile customers with data-free music streaming from Apple Music and launch a new app to aggregate its sports and entertainment content. The offerings will be backed by an extensive marketing campaign, kicking off on Tuesday.

Yes, won’t be long before Apple no doubt introduces its new flagship models, like the iPhone7, and next gen iPad Pro tablets. October is normally when Apple does this I think.

Similarly, next month Samsung is also releasing an updated Galaxy S3 tablet.
I have been holding off getting an S2 tablet because of this.
The OLED screens on the Tab S models are just sublime!

Unfortunately by the sounds of things the iPhone 7 won’t really have anything new. It’ll have the new ios 10, but I have the beta and there is nothing significantly new. But this is just what I’ve heard

iPhone? No thanks. Android all the way :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree.

I have an iPad Air2, and whilst it’s efficient and doesn’t do anything WRONG a such, it’s lack of customisability just leaves me a bit cold.

For a phone, I still have a Samsung Galaxy S4 which still serves me well, even though it’s nearly 3 years old, which is old in tech years. And that OLED screen… it takes the cake.

Yes, I agree… It’s good to try out different platforms, I have to admit I use tablets more than I do phones, so at the moment I have 2 tablets in use (a 2013 Nexus 7 which I looking to update to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 when it goes on sale) as well as the iPad Air2.

As for jailbreaking the iPad, hmmmm… I suppose I COULD do that now that it’s out of warranty, I will have to do some more research on that.

So Apple have launched their new iPhone which contains Ear Pods. All I can think of is how easily these are going to get lost… and how annoying it would be to have to charge your headhpones.

The headphones that come packaged with it plug into the lightning port, and it also comes with a lightning to 3.5mm adaptor.
The AirPods (wireless ear pods) cost $229 and won’t be available until October. They provide 5 hours battery life, but come with a carry case that acts as a portable charger and can add 24 battery life.

Still a carry case is an extra thing to carry around. Plus a lot of people buy expensive good quality headphones that aren’t apple branded which are going to be harder to use now. Just another way for Apple to kind of make users only use apple products.