Super Radio Network

Short answer, yes.


It happened to Switch FM in Brisbane. They started at least two TCBL periods late as hadn’t rustled up the cash.

Zero sympathy for them and still penniless on AM as they don’t understand the gap in the market they could fill so much better than at present.


It’s a shame , as it used to be good station, the only problem was they had songs in the playlist that were too mainstream, i.e too similar to Nova.

If they had gone down the RadioMetro route (even on AM) it would have been more successful and filled a gap in the market.


They could easily fill the gap in the market by pushing streaming and DAB.


Also back in the hands of the same idiots that ran it into the ground in the past

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What kind of music and programming are switch doing these days?

Explains a lot, thank you @gordo92. No wonder then.

Yeah i was part of the station when we changed it to Brisbane Youth Radio to try to freshen things but sadly couldn’t really get people motivated or involved and then I moved to Toowoomba for work and the station started to loose the traction me and the president had achieved before we kinda admitted defeat and the previous board swooped in and took back over again sadly


Sorry for staying off topic

In my opinion that was when it failed the most, It went from the vibrant switch1197 to the dull and boring Brisbane Youth Radio with the heart that was switch cut out.

During that time websites were lost graphics and studios disappeared and it basically shut down.

I’m not however saying the current version of switch is any better, its nothing more then a name sake but still as lifeless as Brisbane Youth Radio.

They should really have a look at how Fresh927, Radio Metro or even Kiss FM Melbourne do things in connection with the community and take that to switch, add a bit of investment with a on-air/digital refresh and you will have a humming youth station.

Maybe the owner/manager should stop channeling funds into Switch FM (buying more frequencies and studios for that) and invest in switch1197.
(Yes its the same people…)


Agreed. Switch1197 or i1197 were brilliant back when they played wall to wall dance.

I used to flick between Switch, Fresh92.7 and Gorilla Super Digi.

These days, I just stick with Dance Hits and Blender Beats.

I have no idea why 1197AM plays “variety” these days, yet again, I haven’t really tuned in lately to hear their current format.


Thanks for that.

Also, there is a “4AK” website but I don’t think it bears any connection to the radio station.

And for example, this article on that website is largely nonsense and could only be described as being written by some clunky algorythm: The best 5 local radio stations for young people


Exactly, it’s a bot produced page.

Here’s what the Aus Whois search returns. Can only take it on face value, however the Romeo bros could well be Mario and Luigi who moonlight as domain squatters.


The 2SM Network have lost a lot of there websites due to negligence, not just 4AK.


They should get “” (still appears to be available) and build station pages off that.

The challenge for them is keeping it up to date and correct, as some info (eg station frequencies) have been incorrect on some pages.


Still better designed then most Super Network Websites :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Try Capital Dance, on the Capital, Global player app. It is a really good sounding dance station.


The best they do have is (as it sounds like Super Radio Network).

I would make this their Network website, and give 2SM its own localised website (even if it is just the logo which is changed).

It’s a shame there is no longer any dedicated 2SM 1269AM website.

Also, should surely be property of BOG, as according to, their breakfast show email address is listed as


It is - registered technically to the 2SM licensee company. Although originally the preference was to use as SRN’s web facing domain, as that’s what’s on the 2SM logo after all, and that seems to be enough. Makes sense they’re not using that for a regional station email though.

That said, even if they built sites off a common domain, it’s not as though it’s necessarily going to stop the country stations doing what they like with them - or as 4AK seem to have done, decide a web site isn’t even worth it, let the domain expire and just base themselves off a Facebook page and Gmail email account. :melting_face:

It boggles the mind just a touch, how expensive is a Wordpress sub and a reasonable template these days [maybe two, to give the Super FM/“13 1009” network a different look] after all to make them actually look like “a network” of sorts. But I guess that’d be an investment, and :man_shrugging:.


Does anyone remember the era?

That was the closest they came to competing with


SC Media also had