Beautiful Location


Looks like it is pre-recorded (again) as Jess performed on the ARIA Awards in Sydney last night in a tribute to Archie Roach.


My home town. Born and bred in Bright. Beautiful place


Yeah it doesn’t say “LIVE” at all and it only says “joins us in” not “joins us from”.

As usual, NewsFeed ran past the top of the hour, finishing at 8.02, so Mon and Matt just went straight into the first news story without an opener.
Caught Justin and Suzanne by surprise clearly as they were still saying goodbye as Mon read the intro.
Also, Sunrise branding today, but audio says Weekend Sunrise. Often happens.

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9am opener days the Victorian political leaders will join Sunrise for their final pitch but that already happened half and hour or so ago.


The Brisbane Sunday Mail reports that Katie Brown will join Sunrise in January 2023 as a roving reporter. She will fill in for weather and sport when Sam Mac or Beretts is away.

Katie presented weather on Sunrise on several occasions this year.


I noticed the Sunrise Newsfeed is still refusing to accept that Dan is popular with the community. They are all absolutely baffled that Dan won. Saying it’s more about Matt Guy losing. :roll_eyes:


Who was on the panel?

I’m wondering if it’s an outside of Victoria thing. As in people outside of Victoria are baffled that Victorians voted him back in.

It was Adam Ferrier (who was in Melb however I think has made his feelings about his Dan bias clear previously) and Angela Mollard.

I see.

I still would say that people outside of Victoria don’t see what Victorians see in Dan. I know I’m baffled how he survived this. Looking from the outside, in, he was responsible for some pretty bad decisions during COVID. But again, I’m not in Victoria and don’t have an invested interest in Victorian politics. I’m happy that Victorians got who they wanted though, that’s all that matters is that people are happy.

Says a lot about the Sydney media I suppose.


Not just Sydney.

Sorry “Nationally Produced Sydney” media.


I guess people outside of Victoria just don’t understand the Dan factor.

I guess so, especially when they get dished up segments that we saw this morning on Sunrise. Not just Victoria… we also saw this with Queensland and WA.


And maybe this explains the year on year drop on news ratings. People are over it. Being told what to believe and being informed each night on what the news services want us to see. News is no longer just a summary of the days events. People are done. I know I am. I haven’t watched the news all year. Everyone has their own agenda and it’s showing with the figures. It’ll only keep dropping too. People are sick of being told what to think and believe.

I don’t think this is correct. You’re political leaning is obvioulsy skewing your observations.

If you read Newscorp, watch Sky News, listen to 2UE/3AW or equivalent and have right leaning mates then you’re obviously going to only be hearing one side.

My work team is in Sydney and Melbourne. When we have meetings on Friday afternoon it’s a casual thing and we talk about other issues. In Sydney I’d say the group is 50/50 left and right leaning meanwhile the group in Melbourne is 90/10 right leaning based on their comments over the years. Last Friday only one person said Dan will win and all the others were saying he will lose. If I was listening to the comments in that one work place, I would have assumed it was going to be a bloodbath for Labor but those opinions were way off.


Good point.

Just for the record for my personal preference - I actually don’t have one. I don’t really care who’s in power to be honest. I hate voting day. I don’t want to vote but I do. It just doesn’t bother me. I dont donkey vote but I also don’t vote for someone deliberately.

Very good way to sum it up.

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