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After five years, the time has come to retire some of the old ‘super’ threads across the forum and start some new ones.


New Sunrise thread!

To start off the new thread, I am keen to hear people’s thoughts on the future presenting teams of Sunrise once the current generation of presenters have moved on.

I have a feeling that Eddy is being set-up to be the future female co-host. If that’s the case, I’d like to see her co-host Weekend Sunrise in the lead-up to potentially moving to the weekday show. I honestly don’t mind whether Eddy or Monique get the weekday role, but as much as I love Eddy and, Monique in particular, I think they should go for someone else as Sam Armytage’s future replacement. I don’t think Nat will be considered for the gig, as they’ll probably want someone long-term.

Any one want to predict when Sam Mac will leave? I know he loves his job, but the early mornings combined with travelling around the country, must take its toll at some point. Next year he is entering his sixth year in the weather role, and if I’m correct, that will be the longest one person has ever been doing the weekday weather gig. He won’t really have a role anywhere else at Seven if he decides to step down from Sunrise weather. In terms of candidates to replace Sam when the time comes, here’s who I think should be considered for the role:

  • James Tobin: Weekend weather presenter for years now, so should at least get asked if he’d like the role, but personally, I prefer JT in small doses so am happy for him to stay on weekends

  • Shaun White: I think Shaun is being set up for a bigger role down the track, and whether that is entertainment presenter, or even weather presenter, who knows?

  • Rob Mills: Filled in a few years ago presenting weather and wasn’t too bad

  • Sally Bowrey: Has a great personality and always very enthusiastic, would bring a lot of energy to the role

  • Angie Asimus: Already has a bit of a background in weather which may help

The other position that will need to be filled in the future is Kochie’s replacement. Just thinking about the people they have at Seven ATM, their only two candidates are Basil Zempilas and Matt Doran. I think the role needs to go to someone with personality and can light up the screen, and Basil has more of that than Matt. Even though he did leave Weekend Sunrise because of the travel and wanting to spend more time with his family, perhaps the weekday role will entice him.


But have you noticed that, instead of saying “Thanks Mon/Matt” at the top of the news updates, she just goes straight into “Good morning…”. She does the same on The Morning Show on Fridays.


Yes! I hate it. It makes me angry every weekend!!


Yes I have actually noticed that. I guess every one is different, and management would’ve pulled her up on it if they didn’t like it.

Another similar instance is Angela Cox not saying “Good morning” on Monday’s morning news bulletin. The voiceover said “This is Seven News…with Angela Cox”, and she went straight into the first story without a greeting. I’m not sure whether it was done that way because the bulletin started with a wide shoot of Angela with the camera zooming in to her, before going to the headlines, similar to the 5pm news.


With Today winning the East Coast and presumably the demos yesterday I think Sunrise needs to do something to stop the audience changing channels to Nine in the morning. The thing is, what could they possibly do in this day and age to arrest the audience decline?

New visuals? New segments? More newsier focus? Less tabloid rubbish and sensationalism? Or are they unable to do anything and have to accept that the audience is slowly drifting away from them?


I reckon they need to reduce the entertainment stories.

It would be a turn off for someone who wants to see some news, who turns their TV onto Sunrise and sees an entertainment story running, would probably change the channel to the ABC.

They also should run some polls/seek audience feedback on which presenters they enjoy seeing the most, who they don’t like seeing etc.

I also think they should add in local Brisbane news inserts, like they do with Perth, each half an hour, anchored by Kendall Gilding or Sharyn Ghidella, to address the ratings decline in Queensland.


Sunrise won all key demos albeit narrowly.


According to this Daily Mail article, Matt Doran is being groomed as Kochie’s successor, and Seven are planning to ‘test drive’ him in the position of Sunrise host when Kochie is away (so I assume he will co-host Fridays with Sam every now and again).

I must say though that this is a Daily Mail article so I’d take it with a grain of salt…


Here’s a novel idea: they could try finding hosts who want to work a five day week.

I reckon Sunrise will be in a world of trouble in a couple of months if Nine’s move to North Sydney results in some fresh and innovative presentation initatives. Just as interest in Sunrise seemed to increase with the move to Martin Place, I expect there’ll be a curiosity factor about the new studio Nine will be looking to milk.

I seldom watch TV before 5pm but the previews each night during the news seem to indicate the hosts are developing great chemistry. The move and a team of regulars viewers can expect to see five days a week should result in a steady flow of viewers to Nine who are sick of the complacent part timers and their musical chairs act over on Seven.

A Daily Mail story based on a Woman’s Day article, no less.


As I said before, I would ditch Sam and have Nat host five days a week and have Mark Beretta cover Kochie on Friday and bring in someone else for sports. Angie Asimus would be a great replacement for news (not a big fan of Eddy after what she said about Seb Costello last year) and there’s a great team that should see them smash the competition for good.

That would of course also require them ditching Pell which isn’t a bad move either. Move Sarah Stinson to EP and Sunrise will improve.


I’m probably in the minority here but I’d rather Nat stayed on news. I find her and Kochie co-hosting a relatively boring duo at times, I think you need someone with a bit of cheeky personality like Armytage paired with Koch. If Sam quit tomorrow, I think they’d need to look outside of Seven for a replacement. On another note, I loved the pairing of Nat and Matt Doran.

Or if Sam quit and Nat was made co-host, I wouldn’t mind whether Angie Asimus or Monique Wright were made permanent newsreaders. Personally I can’t take Eddy quite as seriously now/lost a bit of respect for her after that tweet about Seb Costello.

  • As @NewsWeary mentioned, I think the hosting roster is problematic. I said that having both of your hosts part time would be unsustainable when it was announced. Every second day it seems change and it is rare to see everyone there.
  • More human interest stories. They seem to interview a lot of medical experts, but are lacking the interviews with everyday people like business owners (something “vintage” Sunrise used to do so well)
  • Stop the cross-promotion for those second rate reality shows.
  • More news items, particularly international, in the news bulletins. Wouldn’t hurt to have local news and weather inserts either.
  • Sam’s location weather segments need to be more entertaining- every cross. Have him participate and not just stand there. The Zoom calls from another Sydney park are also getting a bit same-same.

I get why they decided to have Sam and Kochie’s days off at separate ends of the week to avoid having Matt and Mon having to co-host a weekday together, but it is not working.

An idea I think they could pursue is having the main team on four days a week (Monday to Thursday) and the Weekend Sunrise team on three days a week (Friday to Sunday):

Monday-Thursday: Kochie & Sam co-hosting, Nat on news, Beretts on sport, Sam Mac on weather, Eddy on entertainment
Friday-Sunday: Matt & Monique co-hosting, Sally on news and sport, and JT on weather.

They should definitely explore the idea of local news and sport inserts to address the ratings decline in respective markets. Each market I have listed below would have a single presenter who will present the local news (with the exception of Sydney/Adelaide who would get a separate news and sport reader), and a reporter out in the field.

Every 1/2 hour, or every hour, they could have the following inserts:

  • National (Sydney & Adelaide): with Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta, with Sydney reporter Samantha Brett/Jessica Ridley/Amber Laidler, and Adelaide reporter Amanda Bachmann.

  • Brisbane: with Kendall Gilding, and reporter Bianca Stone

  • Melbourne: with Blake Johnson, and reporter Nathan Templeton

  • Perth: with Matt Tinney, and reporter TBD

Yep. Whilst he’s definitely miles ahead of Tim Davies in terms of humour, he can up the ante a bit and take part in more entertaining things. I reckon when the Queensland or Victoria borders open to NSW again, they should send Sam to one of those states to do the weather.

When it was first announced that Sam and Kochie were dropping days I mentioned that it’ll be a mess and muck with continuity. Everyone said it wouldn’t be a problem as they have a wide Sunrise rostering family. Where are those people now? All I’m reading is replace this replace that.

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First Samantha Armytage has says she wants to “have it out” with Annastacia Palaszczuk, now it looks like Sunrise is bombing the state. :smirk:


It’s like the Daily Mail read this forum…although this article was posted before discussion started on here about Kochie and Sam’s 4 day week affecting the show.

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Well they’ve got to steal their stories from someone :joy:

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Why? He’s not a great reporter (among other thing).


I agree that he’s not the best reporter, but what Eddy said was completely inappropriate for a journalist of her standard (being on the most watched breakfast show in Australia).

But I also think that Nine overreacted a bit to the whole situation.

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