You did say ‘Aussie presenter’, not ‘Aussie news presenter’.

Technically speaking you’d probably have to say ABC News presenters would have the widest reach internationally.

Tuesday 21 June -

Sally Bowrey is presenting news with Matt Shirvington presenting sport.


Of course. I’m not doubting that Karl has been involved in more viral international headlines and Kochie less so. He’s more recognisable generally but not necessarily for all good reasons and generally people catch the headlines for the viral moments rather than Karl himself.

Now that doesn’t take anything from Karl but in the end it’s fair to say Today markets their presenters better than Sunrise through their segments.

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If you’re going to ignore it, ignore it completely. I thought Sunrise’s approach yesterday, with weather covering it, came across half-arsed. Today was smart in opting to OB from the beach and not an isolated Star this year too. However, still terribly low numbers for all.

Nine were the host broadcaster. Why would Sunrise schlep up to the Goldy, when they weren’t even up for any awards, and broadcast live? There’s no benefit.

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Studio 10 was there at the same location yesterday.

Oy vey!

I never said anything about Sunrise doing an OB, quite the opposite actually. I suggested it was better to not cover something than to cover it half-arsed (like they did). Don’t do weather from The Star, don’t do the red carpet interviews, don’t do packages with selective highlights. When their viewers see their coverage but still don’t know who won Gold (the most notorious), then they’re going to switch to someone who does tell them.

If you’re going to pretend nobody won the Gold Logie because it wasn’t a network talent, you’re better off pretending (forgetting) the event didn’t happen.

I love how there has been a debate about all this.

But as it’s been pointed out. Seven don’t care about the Logies anymore. They snubbed them years ago and they pretend they don’t really exist like they used to. Which is why sunrise doesn’t broadcast from them, there’s no real coverage of them.

I’m pretty sure a year or two after Pell took over they stopped doing an OB for them.

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They were at the 2019 Logies (which were the last ones before this year). Not sure if they were nominated in anything that year? But perhaps because they weren’t nominated this year it wasn’t worth the effort to go this year?

I recall back in its heyday, the winner of Australian Idol would be the top story on Sunrise the day after the final. Didn’t matter then which network the show was on.

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They haven’t regularly presented from the Logies for a long time. I would say around 2014/15 was the last OB they did from crown?

From memory they use to do Sunrise and The Morning Show live from Southbank, while Today was in the Crown Foyer.


They were there because Sam Mac was up for gold IIRC

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Second time this week I’ve seen Nat read the 0730 news. I mean it’s great to have her back on news but it seems like a very odd format change for her to just do the single update. I’m unsure if it happened yesterday.

Friday (24.06.2022):
Matt Shirvington co-hosted with Nat. Sally Bowery read news.

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@nationalnews I was watching yesterday and Nat did read the 7:30 news.

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Kochie is now heading off on holidays for three weeks,his daughter is getting married in London.


It would be nice to see Matt Doran fill in for Kochie. Surely his time being kicked off the weekday show because of the Adele interview is well and truly over.

I liked Shirvo originally but I’m not so sure now.


Agreed. Doran is far better than Matt Shirvington on weekdays. At least he’s a journalist who can handle hard news well and he and Nat works well.

Shirvo is too lightweight for the weekday show. Might work better if he filled in on weekends instead.


Nat is on the cover of Stellar magazine this week.


Sally Bowrey is hosting with Matt and Natarsha Belling is presenting news and sport again this weekend.