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Channel 605 is showing something else than the Christchurch attacks.

Perhaps they should air Sky UK in Qantas lounges instead of our version.


According to a Sky News spokesperson quoted by TV Tonight, it was Sky News Australia which decided to run FSN in to New Zealand.

“As the live rolling events of the Christchurch shooting unfolded, an editorial decision was made by Sky News Australia to offer sports programming to SKY NZ in place of Sky News Australia’s live feed to ensure any footage or reporting did not compromise the ongoing investigations taking place in New Zealand.

“Sky News Australia acted responsibly and prudently in replacing the service as soon as it was able to early yesterday evening after consulting with SKY NZ management.”


FFS he had a literal nazi on his own show.

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A very good opening monologue by Paul Murray about the Christchurch attack.


Idiot Bolt sitting on the fence… “he rejects all sides in this debate”. Always has to find the most propsterous angles to argue a point. Pathetic.


Why do sky news turn every issue into something about free speech when there is an issue that they’re on the wrong side of any controversial debate? Morons.

Murray hysterical over free speech rather than the horror that has taken place. :roll_eyes:


Meanwhile on Sky UK there was a deep ocean live filming from the bottom of the Indian Ocean

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Reading that reinforces the culture that is at Sky. What a terrible place to work. The extreme right is evident every night on that channel.


She thinks Cory Bernardi calling for a Burqa Ban and the removal of 18C, Pauline Hanson putting forward the “It’s okay to be White” motion and Bronwyn Bishop stating that War has been declared against Western Culture is hate. She also thinks Anti White-Racism isn’t a thing!

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Did anyone notice that Sky news has stopped showing Sky UK overnight. Currently showing News night encore, Then Credline, Then Bolt Report, Then Front Page


Sky UK is already on 605 so no need for simulcast from 1-6am. Sky News UK has been a full-time 24/7 channel since May last year


It must have started this week because Sky UK was still simulcast on 600 last week.


Bolt has diNatale on tonight and they’re openly arguing and going toe to toe.


Di Natale has been on the show previously, prior to the switch to Sky.


He and Bolt are old sparring buddies.


Andrew Bolt’s Interview with Richard Di Nitale was more of a Trainwreck than Waleed’s Interview with Scott Morrison! And more entertaining!

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Interesting design feature? suffering big screen envy towards Channel Ten?