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Crikey reporting that Sky News will be in the hands of News Corp soon, with due diligence being done after terms were agreed for the sale from Seven and Nine.

  • Crikey hears that the long-rumoured News Corp takeover of Sky News Australia is very close to completion, with part-owners Seven and Nine having reached early agreements on some specifics before Christmas. That said, the deal’s not entirely done yet, with some due diligence still ongoing.*

Sky News has introduced an ASX 200 ticker (presumably due to a crash).

It is my understanding Sky News Live are in the process of making some set changes in Sydney (Sky National Centre) and Canberra Parliament House set. Some minor tweaks are already visible on the main desk set (very minor).

they had a new background last week - are you referring to that?

Paul Murray in the past week has been tweeting that PM Live is getting a new set next week. In that case, it seems that the secondary set will be getting the changes

Thank gawd

Yes. They are also slowly updating the main set. The new secondary set features a new desk and a video wall.

A couple of sneak peak pictures of the new secondary set.

The area features a video wall, new larger desk, and red chairs.

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Looking good. Easily the best looking set Sky has ever had

Patricia Karvelas’ new show will be on Sundays at 7pm.

Sky News has announced more changes to its line-up as part of a 2016 refresh for the channel.

Brooke Corte will join Sky News Live’s flagship morning news program First Edition, while Laura Jayes will anchor a new primetime current affairs program The Latest with Laura Jayes, as the pay-tv news service continues to expand its exclusive program line-up for 2016.

Custom manufactured components assembled in a way that looks good on camera? Well I never. What happened to Sky News’ trademark bits of printed cardboard?

Doesn’t look anything like the Sky brand or bear any similarity to their graphics package, though.

Surely this is the definition of too, little too late with the News Corp takeover imminent? Or has this been bankrolled with their blessing?

In a move that makes you wonder why - Sky News Business will go HD on Tuesday -

(ZOMG relaunch anyone?)

yeah when I posted that back on the old forums before Christmas I got a nasty little email from someone who claimed to work for Sky, but blocked all their details, calling me a “dumb fat c**t” for saying “what a waste of bandwidth”.

I stand by my view - WHAT A WASTE OF BANDWIDTH - and I might be fat and a c**t, but my IQ proves I’m not dumb (much) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m certainly all for more channels being available in HD, but is something like Sky News Business really going to benefit from it? Is there really a demand from viewers for Sky News Business to be available in HD? Somehow I strongly doubt it!

If Sky Biz set and GFX remain similar, then god knows the viewers don’t need that mess in HD.

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Geez, if you were called a “dumb fat c**t” for saying that - that Sky employee must think some of us are the devil when we’ve criticized the entire channel previously for various reasons

Years ago, I got a passive aggressive PM from a journalist whose name rhymes with Sharon Tounge after criticising one of Sky’s dodgy set upgrades. Pretty hilarious.

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I just laugh it off these days. Back when I had my benign brain tumour and my cognitive function wasn’t working properly I would have blown up and sent them something back, but these days… “ehh fuck it” is how I feel :smiley: