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As in ‘Your ABC’?


Where I live, the ABC used to called Channel 1, because it was on Analogue VHF Channel 1.


What a load of rubbish by Murray - no-one aside from him does that


If his audience is predominantly retirement age he’s not far off.


I’m nowhere near retirement age but I certainly understand the “channel 2” reference.

As a kid the ABC’s Gore Hill studios had a Channel 2 sign out the front. If I’m not mistaken throughout the 70s and possibly into the early 80s Channel 2 was an accepted alternative reference to ABC.

That being said most people today of any age would talk about ABC rather than channel 2. Paul’s reference to the latter is designed to irritate and clearly he has succeeded, at least in some areas.


But the ABC to which he calls channel 2 is more than a tv station. It encompasses radio (old technology) and online (new).

He’s just a pathetic fat piece of shit who does it deliberately to be condescending to the public broadcaster. Remember sky news believe that the ABC should not be producing a news channel as the commercial market already supplies this service. :roll_eyes:



Politics and personal critiques aside, it’s certainly a dated reference.

It comes from a time when ABC network branding wasn’t common place and radio also identified instead by individual station callsign.

As for whether the ABC News Channel should exist, I think you’ll find public PR utterances don’t reflect day to day internal thinking. The arrival of ABC News 24 was good news for Sky… a lot of resources were added.


Lol. Paul Murray yelling across the room at Richo (who accused Murray of crushing opinion) while he was closing his show Tonight.


To be fair to him, Richo’s comments (that Murray includes a ‘token’ Labor person but stacks his panels with Conservative commentators) is absolutely correct


One wonders if he understand the meaning of irony.


Did this happen in the first hour? Keen to see the repeat.


Happened during Richo closing his show. Before Paul Murray Live started.


And sometimes no left leaning person. The irony is that this person keeps saying he welcomes all opinions so people can hear all sides and make up their own minds. Absolute balderdash.


They all do it though. The Project and Q&A have a token right-wing panelist.


Murray has either Richo or Nicholas Reece as his “token” Labor Left-Wing person.


I think the only time Paul Murray refers to the ABC is when he invites Chas Licciardello from Planet America on the show.


Laura Jayes and Keiren Gilbert will host First Edition and AM Agenda from Monday (October 1).


Great pairing, but it leaves a gap of experience in the daytime now that PVO has left.


Sky Business closed quietly last night in preparation for Your Money’s debut tomorrow. Its Twitter account has also shut down.