Sky News


I wonder who will take over the late morning and daytime shift then? Ashleigh Gillon, who did late morning Mon-Wed has just gone on maternity leave.


Tom Connell is likely to pick up one of the shifts


Stacey Lee presented Live Now (9.30-12) from the Sydney studio and Ahron Young presented NewsDay (12-4) today. However, Tom Connell (while filling in for David Speers this week) said on air he is hosting NewsDay from next week.



Great. Just more of what we need. Time to rebadge the channel as Right-Wing propaganda network.


@jens called it.


This channel gets worse and worse. Those two extreme right wing morons don’t deserve more air space.


From a glass is half full perspective, this probably means they loose their 8pm slots on Monday and Thursdays… so more airtime but outside prime time… that’s gotta be a good thing :thinking:



I noticed on the Foxtel Guide and it looks like Adam Giles is back on this Sunday at 6pm after his show went on a Recess because of the interview with Blair Cottrell.


Fantastic! Love Outsiders.


As comedy or serious news? Because what from I’ve seen, it’s more comedy than news.


Am serious - i enjoy their show and snippets on social media. I wonder what SKY rated prior to this post 6PM line-up.

I do enjoy Credlin’s insights and think SKY throughout the day have unrivalled political coverage.


Credlin and insight don’t go together. She’s a failed political hack.


What a success she was


THE Daily Telegraph’s award-winning national political editor Sharri Markson will hit primetime this month anchoring her own show on Sky News.

Markson will bring her own style of hard-hitting investigative political reporting to the one-hour show every Monday night from 8pm.

Sky News will also announce today that political contributors Michael Kroger and Stephen Conroy will take over the 8pm slot on Thursdays from October 18.

Outsiders, hosted by Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean will move to a new late-night evening timeslot of Monday, Thursday at 11:00pm.


Markson is a hack. Her voice is irritating and her extreme right wing views are nauseating.


Was only time until she was given her own show, as if we didn’t need more enough of a reason to avoid Sky News :roll_eyes:


I’m not a big fan of aspects of Sky News after dark… but at the risk of bringing the collective judgement of MediaSpy down upon me, Sharri Markson does have an impressive record of breaking stories and on that basis alone you’d think she is a worthwhile addition to the line up.

And given that she’s replacing Outsiders I’d say it’s certainly an improvement.


If you’ve got nothing constructive to say…shut up. This thread is becoming absolutely tiring and sounding like a broken record post after post after post. I feel like I’m reading a thread from members of the Australian Greens when I read through all of your posts.