Seven On-Air Presentation


Seven seem to have abandoned the “tom” and “ton” abbreviations last year in promos…

But sadly they returned in the PRGs :pensive:



Yuck. Hate those so much.

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Just saw an interesting production closer at the end of a repeat of The Great Outdoors on 7TWO. It had the ‘Seven Productions’ audio but it had a Seven logo by itself on a grey background.



Are other markets getting those cringe :heart:of 7 is Melb idents, like last year?

They’ve been airing during AFL ads in recent weeks

I’ve seen that before too, sounds like more a Seven ‘presentation’ (rather than production) closer. Even though that makes no sense.

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Probably just covering up the old production closer.they do that from time to time.



Still on the masters of lots of shows from 2000s on 7Plus though



Yeah I’ve seen the odd every now and then. Sometimes one episode of a certain series will use this and then another from the same series will use the full Seven Productions one.

(from 7plus)



40 and 60 second versions of the ID in Melbourne:



Well done.

Hadn’t seen the 1min version yet.

But there is also definitely a third version as well (a short 15-20sec one) that was being used during AFL breaks, which omits a lot of the non-News/AFL programs expect Joh Griggs’s paint splash and the first second has an audio over-lap of the people saying “the heart of Seven is Melb” x the start of the “in my soul” song.

Mostly the same programs/personalities featured as last year, but just updated. However, notable absenses are Bruce McAvaney (not sure why - he got the final spot previously standing with binoculars in the MCG tv studio) and of course Jennifer Keyte (who was eventually removed when last year’s were still running).

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The cringe factor on those is off the bloody charts




Looks like an error at BCM, where the news (?) ticker/crawler was accidently automated to appear during AFL ads instead of the scoreboard watermark


Seven AFL Coverage

Easter message- Brisbane



An extended sneak peek of House Rules and grand final of My Kitchen Rules was shown tonight at the end of MKR semi-final. It goes for nearly five minutes, and I think it will be the only time we will see it on air.

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