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I’ll take your word for it. Sounds like a lot just to run a movie


The point being made is that Seven isn’t running them opportunistically as you suggested, they are running them because Roadshow has paid them to. Doesn’t matter who holds the rights or where they came from, it’s a sponsored run designed the drum up interest in the new movie.

Movies on TV

weren’t networks scrapping their output deals not that long ago? What happened?


I think some users on MS get a bit confused with the term “output”. Yes, I believe that is correct. But all commercial networks have indicated they’re now on ‘cherry pick’ deals. But they’re still content supply deals, have to be licenced from someone to terrestrially broadcast copyright content after all.


It was output deals for TV shows from US studios that were scrapped. Movies rights are largely different. Ten is basically the only network now that has what amounts to an output deal - they get the TV output from shows that are exclusively produced and distributed by CBS Studios.


Seven programmers would’ve seized the opportunity with their new franchise (Harry Potter) and sought the sales team’s assistance to monetise the timeslot.

Roadshow, being an advertiser on the 7 Network, saw the opportunity and would’ve paid handsomely to slot their extended trailer into the schedule – believe it or not, commercial networks don’t openly allow a 2 minute ad… it just limits their quotas too much.

Roadshow wouldn’t have asked nor paid for the movie to air. But they’re certainly enabling it.


Now we’re talking sense.



I need a HQ recording of 7flix’s “this year, all your fave picks are on 7flix” promo. It been showing on the channel for quite a while and no user has managed to capture it. So could someone?




+1 @lexington.

As Mark Humphries joked online last year, they’re true to their name, they legit only show seven flicks :unamused:


I feel I might’ve come across as a jerk with that.

But to newbies possibly reading this: remember, MediaSpy is run by volunteers and contributed to by average joes (and some industry pros) … ask nicely and we might be able to help.

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Royal Tour promo. Yaaaayyyy :stuck_out_tongue:

All Together Now sponsor board:


7’s sure getting their use out of the golden union jack graphics…

The promo is localised over here with an Adelaide studio insert in place of the “7 News Live 6.00pm” slide:


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the first time on 7


Harry Potter themed ID (really a sponsor billboard), I like how they’ve utilised the ‘7 tv’ and co for a long time now

LOL at the ‘loner’ 7flix framed on the wall :joy:



Seven TV, 7TWO TV Jr, 7mate Dog. Maybe an old style 8mm film camera or 8mm projector would be better for 7flix?


Special 7mate version of the Eddie Redmayne intro to HP tonight for Perth:

There was also a 7mate version of this week’s promos made, with the end-tag edited to “7mate”.


Their promos department has done a great job with the HP stuff. Everything has looked top notch.