Seven On-Air Presentation


As of the past week or two, Seven seem to have stopped PRGs on 7Two and 7mate which have been done at the start of programs (to identify the program, followed by “next”). As well as the 2nd promo line in return from ads.

Though for 7mate PRGs are only usually like this during movies and I’m not sure if it’s done all the time, but they weren’t done for Die Hard with a Vengeance last night nor Real Steel on now.


I wasn’t aware of any network doing a PRG at the start of programs. Usually only ever see the first PRG after the first ad break. Start of program usually gets just the logo/watermark and the classification/CC logos.


After first break:


Yeah, it is a bit weird.

7Two and 7mate (but not the main channel or 7flix) have 100% been doing them for years now. Not sure if all programs, but certainly movies for 7mate.

They’d appear with the “CC” bug.


Surely it’s only called a PRG if it’s shown after a commercial break, as the name suggests. However, if they don’t show the program title (ie. only show the rating, cc and station logo/opaque watermark because the program has a burnt-in titlecard/bumper) is that still known as a PRG?


I agree! They have done a fantastic job. They look too notch!


Anyone able to say if any of Seven’s PRGs are doing the 2nd line (promo)? Or am I correct in that they seem to have suddenly stopped doing them.

7mate have certainly stopped doing the start of program PRG (identifying the program and “next”), with only the “CC” bug appearing solo now, as seen during Superman and Dirty Harry tonight.


I’m pretty sure PRG is just a term the MS community adopted years ago. I remember an insider asking why members used that term. I’m not sure what the actual internal name for it is.

The ones without a program name can still be called that I think. I call them both program supers and advisory supers. Program supers show the program name and associated info including advisories. Advisory supers show just the classification and subtitle advisories.

I’m a bit confused. You’re saying Seven used to show, for example, “> now Superman” during the opening of a movie? Because if you are then I’ve never seen a network do that except maybe SBS. It’s always just been the classification and the CC logo at the very beginning of a program.


Program Classification Graphic? I wouldn’t be overly surprised if any internal name for them goes back to the days they primarily served as a purely legal thing.

I vaguely remember Seven using Return From Break-style “Now & Next” graphics at the start of programs about a decade ago (when the slanted graphics were in use), but not recently.


100% correct. But only certain programs and only on 7Two and 7mate.
It’s probably been going since the 2016 graphics package but seems to have stopped only a week or two ago?

And as mentioned, the 2nd line which promotes another program in the PRGs returning from an ad, have also disappeared.

Either it’s an error and might return soon. Or Seven are going to utilise those newer in-program ‘banners’ more (which I find so annoying)?


I reckon I saw a PRG at the start of a program a little while ago on 7Two. Remember thinking that it was quite unusual.


Not sure I’m following all the intricacies of this discussion. ASAIK Seven’s multichannels have been known to show the program title as the beginning of a program with the classification; this is then followed by what is available on the main channel:

Start of program:


Very interesting. It’s certainly something none of the other networks have done. New term: PSG? :thinking:


See @WAtvVideos. Thank you so much @TV.Cynic! Frantically searched my archives and couldn’t find any caps.

Cynic may I ask when that was taken? Because Seven appear to have stopped them in recent weeks.


Also, the Closed Caption “CC” bug hasn’t appeared on 7mate tonight, at the start of both Dirty Harry and Out For Justice.

Isn’t it required to air? So maybe some PRG/CC error at BCM?


The date was 16 Sep 2017


There aren’t any caption requirements for the multi channels.


Pretty sure Prime/GWN don’t do these


Isn’t there a requirement if the program previously aired with captions?


They both aired without captions, which I thought was odd as I was sure Dirty Harry aired with captions on Nine in the past.


On the same network, yes.


It first aired on Seven (7mate) on a Monday night some months back, so I take it there wouldn’t have been closed captions then either?