Seven On-Air Presentation


Have you updated to ios12? The camera loads much faster


? Android boi here. And I always try to cap properly, not camera if possible, which should be pretty to notice the differences.

And thank you @TV.Cynic :+1: That was the one.


Looks like a very generic template. Graphics team heads must be on holidays or just not putting as much effort in to movie promos. The >> are from the ident that they run.


Or maybe they just decided to take a different stylish approach, seeing as it’s not promoting one program but many? They’ve done similar in the past. Pretty sure if some of the promo department are on leave, there’s a standard policy / practice/ templates across staff.


Ha yeah. You’re right. Obviously there’s staff templates . I’m not that daft just seems a very basic approach.
I’ve updated my comment to reflect what I actually meant :wink:


Thurs: DCEU -> Fri: DCEU -> Sat: Harry Potter

Yup, makes sense… :joy::joy:


Channel Seven Perth aired a new on-air presentation of West Coast’s win during the 2018 Grand Final. Congratulations guys.

12 years ago, Channel Seven Perth aired a on-air presentation of West Coast’s premiership on TV with the Eagles theme song ‘We’re flying high’.


Highway Patrol re-runs (Season 1, produced 2008 aired 2009?) still have the ad-break bumpers aired, as seen on 7mate.

Something rather archaic these days, except for all reality shows, movies on Nine and movies Ten’s main channel.


Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Promo:

Seven Network - Programs and Schedules

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Promo end tag:



Eddie Redmayne gave a special introduction right on 7pm too, about the new movie with a “Philosopher’s Stone” stylised end tag (might change each week), but didn’t cap in time.

@Zampakid don’t suppose you got the “sneak peek” supposedly during first ad?



When did Seven get the rights to Harry, seems so strange watching it on seven…


Must have been in recent months, because Nine showed the Harry Potter movies last year.


It’s mostly on due to a deal to promote the new Fantastic Beats. They are playing all in the lead up to the first one on TV.
All about the sponsorship deals $$$


Not really, it’s part of their Warner Bros TV content supply deal. Seven rather have just taken the opportunity to air them around the upcoming cinema release.


Not everything is about output deals Sully.

The fact that they have “sneak peeks” during ad breaks is a good sign that there’s paid sponsorship going on.


It’s to do with the sponsorship.
You don’t air sneak peeks of the new Fantastic Beasts on the off chance you have the output deal… that’s why these franchises get shown from the start when it’s to do with a new release in the series. There’s big $$ surrounding it from the movie distributors - it’s how it works.


1st point: well, they kinda actually are, without non-domestic content, what else do networks air?

2nd point: that’s what I was saying, Seven have taken the opportunity to air them around the cinema release, as they and other networks often do and promote, and yes linked with a sponsor (Roadshow - who theatrically release the Fantastic Beasts movies) to promote “The crimes of grindelwald”.

Yes, I said as much. But what I was questioning is, you said “it’s mainly to do with sponsorship”.

Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd are the theatrical distributor for “Fantastic Beasts” in Australia, including marketing you see (trailers, billboards, etc).

Warner Bros Television are the distributor that has licenced Seven the Harry Potter movies (as we know many other movies or shows too) as part of their content supply deal signed back in 2015.

So you’re telling me these two completely different distributors were involved here?