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Yes I think having Seven at Martin Place was a bit of an image booster, a bit like the NBC set up at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. Shame it will be no more.


I still think Sunrise could still go with live in-studio performances, just local acts such as Sam Fischer or Human Nature only.

Also gone will be fans watching from outside, as was the case for the several times Fifth Harmony and Little Mix (among other acts) have performed on the show.


I personally would like a live camera installed at Martin Place so they could continue having a (sort of) realistic view unlike the Today/News Breakfast who use still images of Sydney/Melbourne respectively. I would even say move the set over, but use it only for Sunrise due to the increased space, and not share one with news like News Breakfast/Today/Studio 10.

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Devastating. :neutral_face:


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Back in the 1990‘s when the Northern NSW channels on the Gold Coast would stay on NSW time did NBN and NRTV/Ten Nthn NSW have localised Gold Coast feeds?. Because it seemed to me NBN and NRTV feeds were the Lismore feeds with Northern Rivers and GC ads on them. The only GC feed I thought would be Prime because they aired mostly GC ads and had Prime Gold Coast News. If anybody has any into on this it would be appreciated.

Yes. Each channel had localised Gold Coast ads and NRTV and Prime had local programming too.

This was from NRTV c. 1993 NRTV Gold Coast ident and network ident 1993 - YouTube

Prime c. 1993

Local News, The Prime Possum Show and some short lived film review show (the latter two for the network) was produced at Prime Southport while NRTV had a local lifestyle show on Friday Nights produced at their Ashmore studios.

I presume some advertisers wanted their commercials to run across both sub-markets. I remember this one very well on NRTV which ran a variation with the same music for years.


That didn’t last long; ABA said they must broadcast in Queensland time otherwise they would beach classification rules.

It was NBN that started the complaint.

The Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) received a complaint from the licensee, NBN Limited, Newcastle (NBN) that, since the commencement of daylight saving in 1997, commercial television services NEN and NRN have been broadcasting programs into Queensland in New South Wales time. Since Queensland does not join with other eastern states in daylight saving, it was claimed that ‘M’, ‘MA’, ‘PG’ and ‘C’ programs were being broadcast by Prime Television (Northern) Pty Ltd (Prime) and Northern Rivers Television Pty Ltd (Ten Northern) an hour earlier than the classification times set down in the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice (the Code).

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It was ironic that NBN lodged the complaint as they themselves were on DST into the Gold Coast until 1995-96 when QTQ complained that the early programming on NBN were costing them ratings. QTQ conveniently ignored the fact that BTQ and TVQ were in the same boat.

The “complaint” that got real attention was Prime airing the movie “Pulp Fiction” at 7.30pm Gold Coast time, that one got a fair amount of press the in local rag, the “Gold Coast Bulletin”.

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Not sure where to post this, but discovered a great FB page called SEQ/Sunshine Television Memories.

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