Random Mocks


What frightens me is I could actually see them being lazy enough to do just that and boast about a new look…


Quick Mock for The New TODAY (Inspired by NBC Today). Many people might say that there is no weather bar. I honestly feel that in 2019, do we really need the weather there constantly? Its on our devices with a tap of a button…

EDIT: The bottom blue bar is a flipper. I just realized I didn’t make that too obvious :frowning:


So’s the news and sport results. If that’s your logic, you may as well cancel Today.


I really like it



Love it!



Wow, that is so good :joy:


Quick mock of an Update Super for Nine Gold Coast News with a “beachy” colour scheme to suit the market:

If rolled out for real it would be part of a widespread branding package for Nine News, rather than just part of a GC-specific look. And each city/state might have its own colour scheme for their local editions, while simultaneously retaining the standard design.




Probably should’ve been just a solid Green or Gold. Nonetheless it’s still a good mock.


With thanks again to @SydneyOnAirTV for the blank super background which I’ve tweaked to fit, here’s a new one for Southern Cross Nightly News on 7 GTS/BKN, using the two callsigns so all viewers in the licence area feel included:

Thoughts? I feel like the logo might be a bit too big, but that design isn’t really the best one to work with in small sizes. An alternative idea could be to rotate between “Nightly News” and “7 GTS/BKN” similar to how Seven themselves have rotated between News & Olympics logos before…



If I had to do a watermark for SCNews it would literally just be 7 GTS/BKN in the style of the 7 News watermark that appears on Seven O&O news

I’d do the same for the SCNews Tas product



Fantastic mock! I’d personally just have the “Nightly News” wordmark on its own for both bulletins.


A Spencer Gulf GTS/BKN version of the animated logo Tassie uses would be good.


Additions to my recent Sunrise Mock, the logo in the corner is nameless simply because I can’t find a decent enough font/ colour to go underneath.


Looks great, though personally I’d get rid of the shadows and probably use a bolder typeface on the supers/ticker to help cut through the white a bit.


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