Random Mocks


9 NEWS Breakfast
With Georgie Gardner & Chris Reason presenting today’s news, sport and weather


I’m not the best at mocking, as I’m sure you’ve noticed it doesn’t consider the safe spaces etc but here is a rough idea and continuation of my suggested 9NEWS Breakfast show.

P.S. I also have no clue who the guy is :wink:




These are all some damn good mocks! Nine really should take inspiration.


What’s the design concept behind the stylised “O”?


It’s reminiscent of a 2 on its side.

T2Day or 2Day?


Great looking mock. However I would call it ‘9 NEWS TODAY’.


Ah ok… now i see it


and that’s how I would try and distinguish it from the tarnished Today Show brand. I still don’t know why they dropped “National” all those years ago. It was authoritative.


These are wonderful!
Creative, fresh and new.
Nice work. I like 9today. Don’t need to add news to the title to complicate it.


great mock :slight_smile:


Decided to do a retro mock tonight. Coming up next on National Nine News…


Punt at a rejig of Fox Cricket


Looks far better than the graphics actually being used on both Fox Cricket and Seven this Summer IMO! :slight_smile:


Yeah,I actually don;t like Sevens graphics, they’re too much like when Nine did the cricket.


Looks awesome! Could you do a BBL version?



Did you do match summaries for this too?


With NBC TODAY refreshing graphics, I think its time for Sunrise to do a few tweaks to their graphics before CH 9 Today refreshes. I adapted it from NBC, looking at doing the rest of the package later.

Decided to go a bit darker on the orange, and brought back part of the old logo.