Random Mocks


Here are my take on some Retro Logos. I’ve incorporated the past Channel Ten logos with the current one. I’ve done 1988 - 1989, 1989 - 1991 and 1991 - 1999.


The 90s “electric” logo is my favourite out of those. The numerical 10 works really well.


Just a couple of mocks I whipped up less than an hour ago.


If Fox used their logo for team logos


Will be interesting to see what Sylvia will return to do this year. Much speculation about late news.


Not a fan of the new Today background. Stylised Skylines dont work at Breakfast IMO. This is what I would do


I don’t mind this, it’s definitely an improvement on what they’re currently using.


Love this! It doesn’t feel as cramped as the current set. Hoping the rumours are true and they construct a set like this in 2020 after the move to North Sydney!


Nice mock, however the traffic light changing from green to orange and red would be a distraction for people like me haha


haha yeah good point. Probably would eliminate that!


Fixing the logo and having a better use for the weather flipper.


I agree that the logo should be made white, but still think the weather flipper should be there. People dip in and out of the show so mightn’t always have time to stick around for a full weather segment!


IMO the only way the weather bug should stay is if it is localised. If your just dipping in and out, your not waiting for your city to appear.


Love this. Compliments the chrome graphic package nicely.


I’d go for a combined social + weather flipper.
I think the 2015 package did this if I remember correctly?


It would be great to see localised weather, flipping between, for example:
“NOW 21.3°”
“TODAY 26° (sunny icon)”
“TOM 30° (sunny icon)”

Would be good if it was possible for affiliates to insert their own localised weather too.


If they can insert time, they most surely can do weather, too. Just another source to plug into local master control.


How would that be possible? The weather is different in Manly than in Parramatta for example. How would a “NOW 21.3” even make sense?


the weather is completely different in Chicago city and Tinley Park as well, doesn’t stop CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, The CW, WGN… I could go on…


Are random mocks of radio logo/on-air presentation allowed?
If so I love creating mock logos for radio stations.
For Eg. This is one I whipped up for Gorilla Super Digi in Sydney if they had a similar on-air look as George FM in NZ. (I put Danny Lakey in because I thought he would fit in with the whole underground vibes of a dance station).