Random Mocks


I’ve thought that today. Back to the drawing board :wink:


Two different ideas - taking from the hints that it’s an evolution of the logo, not a revolution. Also trying to keep things fun, simple and punchy given this is a youth-oriented network.


SBS Mornings?



Yep, that looks better! :slight_smile:


Made this Ten Eyewitness News opener mock a while ago and I thought I might as well share it now before the news service relaunches and this becomes irrelevant.
I’ve axed the opening title card and moved the city card forward and rearranged the voice over:


Recent royal wedding, and royal tour in australia. thought I would make this.



Yep, that looks better!

IMO, the network’s standard “Live” watermark should be used on Seven Perth too.


a simple tweak to Perth Telethon’s graphics

Perth Telethon

These look awful but I thought I would give em a try
TenBoss tenpeach


I think these look a bit better than what I did before tenpeach3 tenboss2


I can’t do the mock thing… but maybe Ten logos using emojis for boss and peach? Just for fun…



Really quick mock - Today supa inspired by the Royal supas

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Tour 2018

A nice mock! I wish Nine (and affiliates) would insert local temperatures like that


Turning the recently introduced Sponsored “Coming Up” Graphic for Seven News into an In-Program Promotional Graphic - hopefully more realistic looking (even if it’s technically much more of a Re-Edit rather than a mock) than my last attempt back in April!


Apologies for the double post, but here’s some quickly mocked up “teaser” promos I personally think we should be seeing (but won’t) on TV this week if the rumours are true: Re, Network Ten Relaunch including new logo.

In a moving visual form, the old logos would fade on one by one right up until the current/outgoing logo (but not the new one) with the background audio played being a compilation of memorable Network Ten moments. The line “A Change Is Coming” and the date would fade in at the end.


Nice work there mate!


Glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

Although it’s a smart move not to keep any new logo under wraps until it’s officially launched, I figured that the idea of a “teaser” promo would really intrigue viewers and perhaps get them wondering about what Network Ten will do next - especially if the spots were played at the start or end of an ad break.