Random Mocks


Looks great @SydneyCityTV! Kinda surprised if Ten aren’t going to hype up or hint at the major changes awaiting viewers on November 1st… It’ll be really interesting if they just bombard unexpected viewers, they should do something like this to create discussion! :+1:


Soft launch is better… they’ve got to have the content to back it all up.

If they make a big deal about a new logo the average viewer (that is everyone outside MediaSpy) will go “oh look a new 10 thingie… what’s on… nothing? Change the channel”

But I do like the nostalgia thing.


Did these almost 18 months ago, thought it was about time I post them…

Something a bit industrial and CBS inspired -

And something else a bit different -


@eddel love your work, especially the first industrial red white and blue theme. This is everything.


I love the second one so sleak and simple.


I do too!


Great work :slight_smile:


Now that we’ve seen Ten’s logo, here’s something to go with those mock teasers - how I would’ve liked to see the new logo launched on air!

As per the teaser idea, audio of memorable Network Ten moments would play in the background with the logos fading on one by one right up to the new one.

Then the words “A New Era Has Begun” + the date would fade on air, with the older logos quickly moving out to the side. Following that would include a minute or two promo explaining in simple terms what the wider brand change means to viewers (One & Eleven is now 10 Boss & 10 Peach respectively, Ten Eyewitness News First At Five is now 10 News First, etc.) along with a short tease of new programs coming in 2019.


Can anyone mock up a Win News title card based on Ten News First? maybe replace ‘first’ with either ‘local’ or a broadcast region.


Give you some perspective using the 2d logo with the new presentation.


Now there’s a great challenge for the more talented mockers amongst us!

In the meantime…despite this being only a flip of the existing graphics (and a simple name tweak), can’t we all agree that it looks a lot better? :wink:

Of course the other graphical elements (Full Screen & Headlines/Break Playout Graphics which are mainly designed with the left of the screen in mind) would be flipped around accordingly, but working on those is probably above my level of expertise right now!

Good job fitting in the old logo with the new graphics . Remembering the Sports Tonight titles with that particular logo variant, I’m now wondering if it’s something Ten actually had in mind for the relaunch before deciding to go ahead with a new logo! :smiley:


Thanks. Nice new logo btw SydneyCityTV :slight_smile:


Here’s my attempt:


WIN News Here… WIN News There… WIN News (Almost) Everywhere…

Great mock nonetheless @Moe


“TRAIN ON TIME” - are you sure that isn’t a headline borrowed from Sydney? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good mock though!


WIN rebrands to 8


Could happen, if Bruce wasn’t stubborn.


except it’s on 5 up here in northern NSW


Good designs, but I’m not sold on the concept.

WIN has a long history of being Channel 4 (in Wollongong at least), but even then I think “4 Boss” or “4 Peach” would sound a bit clunky. I think the WIN Network works well, but is terribly executed.


Here are some possible WIN logos (featuring everyone’s favourite, Mappy)


Another possible option for the different WIN markets as a reminder of what LCN they are on

Northern NSW


Rest of Australia


Or honouring the Home Channel/head office traditions