Random Mocks


Sky Sports branding for a new suit of Sports coverage


Funnily enough, Sky Sports actually exists in Australia as Tabcorp’s joint venture with Optus Sports.


I think it looks too similar to the Sky Racing logo. But still a very nice mock.


Did this one a few weeks ago, It’s mainly using the old Sky News look


Idea for new headline supas for ten, based on ABC US. The Red version is Breaking News


Very CNN looking. They won’t like it at all! Leftist crap! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like the idea. I’m not a fan of the date style however.


Made a concept for Ten News…


I like returning the news logo to the LHS. But my OCD ticks at the off-centre supers.


Never could piece together a full package - but this was part of trying to do a Ten package with inspiration from CTV News.


Just doodling -


I really like that 10 logo!
Very fresh :slight_smile:


…or if it’s important enough, even break into programming for Severe Weather Updates like they do in the US? Although knowing what the South East Queensland market (and Nine) is like with severe weather coverage, I’m somewhat surprised they haven’t gone that far yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course I agree that it isn’t very good how the Storm Warning ticker covers up part of the questions on Hot Seat, so I’ve come up with an idea for implementing Severe Thunderstorm Warning graphics on QTQ during shows like Hot Seat:


Eddie McGuire must be thinking, 'Oh hang on, what did Collingwood do wrong?"


Playing with the idea of Fox Cricket having two games at once and showing the second score like they do in the AFL.

Full Screen Example

Overlay on a Screenshot


Just having a play… got a bigger picture in mind but needing to get the TEN right before I start with the broader image and concept.


I like where you’re going, would prefer for the e and n to be lowercase though personally.

Keen to see some more.


Another… More discipline “Enclosed” :wink:


Looks very “Tongue-In-Cheek”!

And i’m not talking about the last post but SydneyCityTV’s latest post here.


That logo looks a little ninja inspired.