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I really like the idea behind this, it has a lot of depth with the shadowing but is still very one dimensional. It also doesn’t have any lens flare which is a bonus. Would love to see more!


There’s more in this post.

just wanted to post this part, because I found it while looking for something else on my hdd


WTF!! This is awesome! More fancy than what they have currently!


On the theme of Ten News Mocks, I thought if they go in a CBS O&O direction it may look like this:


Great mock. I actually reckon the current CBS O&O/Local News graphics package would work better on Ten than the presentation style used for national bulletins like the CBS Evening News! :slight_smile:


Yep the local CBS stuff is very “Australian”. You could easily adapt it to Ten or Nine without too much tweaking.



Very nice! Hoping Ten starts using the simplistic outline logo again. I wonder how that would look with a blue tinge… :slight_smile:


Intentionally stayed well away from using blue in this design, following the negative feedback from members here saying there are too many news services in Australia using blue as a primary colour.


Good point, there is too much blue within Australia’s News Services, the Globe Design is very unique to what we usually see. :+1:


Rough, simple logo to keep the Fairfax name


White/red is the predominant colour of the December 2017-current On-Air Presentation package for SBS World News and the “Breaking News” mode for every other network.

Aside from that point, the mock posted by RegionalTV above looks excellent from a graphical point of view IMO.


I was thinking of that example too, SBS World News seems to have distant itself from others with the Red and White combo, I wonder if Ten will adopt Red too to fit inline with CBS Evening News… :thinking:


I’d argue both red and blue tend to be overused in general, in the US and Australia at least.

Channel 9 and Channel 7 had red dominated graphics during the early to mid 2010s. Ten has been consistently blue.

The UK has a bit more variety with green for ITV News and purple for Channel 4.


I’d rather red and white over blue any day.
Sets today are filled with blue as well as the on air graphics. Blue is also cold, use in minimal design is better. White goes with anything.


Those look great :slight_smile:


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A simple mock substituting the usual Ten News Brisbane background with the live image used when presenting weather:

Weather shot used.


Looks great! Wish they’d do live shots.