Random Mocks


Fantastic mock but I’d prefer they kept the Ten Eyewitness News track or updated that at least, rather than using the CBS theme.


I agree I love the mock, but keep the eyewitness news theme song. It’s the best in the country!


The CBS opening mock is the best thing I have ever seen on here,I hope ten take inspiration.


Whilst that cbs music is nice, tens is more authoritative. But yes that is a wonderful mock and something ten should consider replicating.


Now obviously this isn’t broadcast quality, it does give a rough idea on some concepts and colour schemes ten could use.

Pictured above is a rough concept of a title card for Sydney.


Interesting mock @msheldrick! Visually it looks great (and different to typical AU news graphics), but I would miss the more authoritative Ten News signature.

A little rough around the edges, but ok sure :wink:. I’m not a fan of the Sports Tonight blue for an early news bulletin, so I brightened it up a bit :slight_smile:


Love that version of the Eyewitness theme! I presume you made it? Great work! Softer than the current theme but makes it feel more authoritative.


It’s an alternate version discovered by Marquisite


This. But I did change it ever so slightly too, with some high-pitched ‘happy-like’? strings added to the mock Ten Early News video. A thowback to when Ten News had different theme variations for their Morning and First At Five bulletins. :sunglasses:


Two different styles for a breakfast show, if Ten decides to try again…


The 2D 2012 logo


Looks great; a lot of effort is evident. However, I would keep the red for breaking news…


I personally prefer the second one, I’d keep the top one exclusive to the Ten Sports brand and sports-related programming such as Sports Tonight.


The posts about Media Spy’s history had me poking through my folders with saved video clips from the site - found an old mock I made of turning NBN News into Nine News Newcastle - in 2007.

Turn your speakers down before proceeding.

I’m a big fan of my hilarious headlines - and my unintentionally hilarious scaling problems.

I don’t know the original uploader or if it’s already elsewhere on youtube, but here’s the original source clip as well.


Was there a particular reason why a Nine-owned NBN News didn’t try to replicate the metro look under the NBN name? WIN did it, even Imparja pulled off a convincing enough copy (sans title card).


NBN was pretty much left to be operated as an independent, but wholly owned, entity when it was bought by Nine. That independence was seen in the different news theme, graphics, sets used. It’s only been in more recent years that NBN has folded more into the Nine Network


Nothing fancy


Love it looks like a modern version of one of there previous looks


I like it, I’m hoping Ten goes back to their silhouette style logo for the rebrand, it makes the Service look sleek without all the gloss on the current logo, pretty sure the current iteration will be retired if the Sports Tonight graphics are anything to go by and a few recent sightings on Social Media:


Found this on an old hard drive when I did that Ten mock last year.

would this design still work today? :thinking: