Random Mocks


Summer and closer to 5pm in winter could look like this


SO MUCH BETTER. Wish they would make this happen!


Quick OTS mock (inspired by NBC Nightly News).

Also moved the liveshot to King George Square as a point of difference (think Time Squares studio). Given Ten airs at 5pm you’d see commuters walking in the background, giving a bit of energy.


The live shot is a little too zoomed in but I see where you’re going with this and I don’t mind it.


#myfriends, I have an idea for Ten’s rebrand:



Seriously, no.


If Ten were still using the “Seriously Ten” slogan in 2018, this wouldn’t be a bad idea for Social Media usage across the Network in my opinion if they wanted to drum up attention for a Network relaunch. Wonder if a new Network slogan is in the works, as “Turn On 10” has been used since 2014.


Just a quick Mock I did, I replaced the Ten Eyewitness News theme music with the one from 1991. It sounds even better now! :grinning:


Great job doing that but IMO there are just some things are should be left in 1991, that theme song in its original form is one of them.


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Just a quickly done Darwin Closer Mock, added a better backdrop and Adam Hegarty who is now doing Nine News Darwin & Far North Queensland I believe!


This Could Work…


is anyone here good with doing simple animations with things like adobe animate etc.?? if so, could you pop me a quick message?


“From CBS Australian Headquarters in Sydney, this is the Ten Evening News with Hugh Riminton”


I like the supers and the title card, I just don’t like the logo…


Breakfast show for Ten, 10 Express. Would be hosted from Melbourne to allow Studio 10 to prep in the newsroom.


Bloody love this Travis. So modern, so fresh. Well done!


Thank you. I’m working on expanding but thought i would share the bones of it.


Kinda reminds me of the 1994-1996 Ten News Graphics Package: (courtesy of @Zampakid for second cap)



Looks great, it’s fresh and unique to what we currently see on TV, with Networks being safe with basic shapes for the Graphics. :+1: Look forward to seeing more! :slight_smile:


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