Random Mocks


…and the team forgot to update the backdrop.:laughing:


With NSW going to the polls in just over a month from now and a Federal vote expected in May, one element of Australian TV On-Air Presentation I’d expect to see a lot of discussion on Media Spy during the first half of 2019 is related to Election Night(s) coverage.

Realistically I’d probably Nine to keep the graphics used since Federal Election 2016 for the NSW state poll and maybe a new package for the 2019 Federal Poll, but here’s an idea for a refreshed Seat Count L3 graphic based on a mock super I did earlier - this time with Proxima Nova for a genuine “Nine News” feel! The out of focus background image with the NSW flag & Macquarie Street was taken from the 2015 coverage, just incase anyone’s wondering:

I’m thinking of adding a ticker (which can be used for social media commentary, etc.), but haven’t quite settled on a layout for that yet.


Quick mock to say I think 10 should add or ditch 10peach/bold and have a channel dedicated to beauty, fashion, and design. :slight_smile:


I wonder if Nine will use Australia Votes/NSW Votes 2019, with the ‘9’ being the Ch9 logo.


Probably not, since they didn’t use it in 2019 program promos


I did this very quickly, nothing really changes, except that is would be a nation wide bulletin to regional Australia.


“WIN News National” coverups over Nine News bulletins come to mind…


The SBSfood watermark is too big, should be smaller

2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras ABC signpost.


Not really a mock, more a quick re-edit (using the endtag of an actual promo listing multiple shows that were on last night) but here’s what I think the “Tonight” Lineups on ABC-TV should look like if they’re not going to bother incorporating program footage/imagery like they do with the “Next, Then, Later” spots:

…and one I should’ve uploaded back in November, a watermark on NBN Nine for the Central/Gold Coast markets that’s been properly aligned with consistent transparency levels:


I really like that :+1:


Not a TV mock.

Just a quick CityRail mock changing the font and some layout parts of their platform graphics…


Wow, certainly is a “random mock”!


Love the use of 7 News minus the blue colour. I never like them using blue - it reminds me of Nine and Ten. Seven should stick to just red (and yellow for breaking news).


Quick Idea for a late news program from 10




looks good. I like the purple, very different.


Expanding on my 10 Newsnight mock. The bulletin would be at 10.30 every night and hosted by Lachlan Kennedy and come from the Studio 10 set (whatever that may be next week!), styled for the bulletin to avoid changing.

Please ignore the mismatch of presenters. It was just to show how existing gfx would fit into this look


Love the purple! Very unique from the other networks yet still classy.


strong vibes from the BBC current affairs program, now we need an electric guitar version of the theme


Great mock.

Nitpicking to the extreme though, the angled edge on some of the secondary graphics (ie the live and the breaking news straps) isn’t consistent with the 10 News First package.

But other than that, really like this. Could even adapt it to a 6pm format as well, something a bit different to the main daytime/5pm graphics.