Random Mocks


Inspired by the fact that a couple of Sydney radio stations have tweaked their logos for Mardi Gras while the TV stations seem to have done nothing, here’s a quick re-edit of something which would’ve been nice to see on the networks (particularly from a local perspective) today/this week! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just an idea.

Wait. Has someone done this before?


From NaruTVMock


Amazing mock! Looks so legitimate and polished, a shame that isn’t the recent graphics refresh they received last week!


I also did some mock screen grabs as well. In regards of the graphics I was trying to emulate the UK look but keep the flare of the current Australian look.


Made a recreation of the USA Weather Channel graphics… (I wish we had this over Sky Weather :confused:)



So much better! Love it!


Thought I’d give The AM show a bit of a new logo. Not sure about it.


Working on a breakfast show for ten only got this logo done but anyway thoughts on it so far.MORNIGN%20FEED


Looks good- font too generic though


Gone with this to keep with 10MORNIGN%20FEED


now that karl is gone from nine and lisa is on 10 they will be back together on the morning feed




I knew it someone would do that


I was actually just fantasising the other day about Karl and Lisa reuniting for The Late Project.


Fantasising… really?


Um, yeah? Fantasy doesn’t have to be a weird sexual thing if that’s what you’re suggesting…

Anyway, slap dash effort but I would genuinely watch this show if it was basically just a late-night version of what Today was back in the heyday, probably throw a newsreader in as well (Natasha Exelby? Somebody who will crack Karl up every 5 minutes).



MADE a few adjustments