Random Mocks


Yeah, I tried that but it clashed with the blue background in some of the pics.


Hmm, yeah, does the text need to be blue? It may work if it was a black or grey. (Black probably wouldn’t work for some, (especially the first one). But yeah, maybe the outline is the only way to do it, unless you go crazy and use a pink or bright green :laughing:


Yeah, I decided to make the text blue because that’s obviously the dominant colour of 2CH’s branding.

My aim for these mock slideshow images is for something that’s simple, yet professional looking and easy on the eye. This by contrast, is an example of the actual “Now Playing” slide from 2CH’s DAB+ transmission:


I get what they’re trying to do but that floating, background removed pic of The Rocks doesn’t really look that great IMO.


More bits & pieces of this mock package… feedback welcome :hugs:


Looks great! Only thing I’m not really sure on is the use of gold for Breaking news?
Maybe a light orange or yellow would be better?
Great to see it live away from red though :slight_smile:


I personally think the gold sets it off well. Orange might blend too much with the red, this way “breaking news” and “emergency alerts” stand out easily.

But the gold and black looks tonnes better than gold and white! Great work! A refreshing take on the 2010 package, their last truly unique one.


Mock while bored :slight_smile:


Today with a ticker.


I like this and think Today should return the news ticker. Just where is the logo and clock?

Plus you will need an element of yellow or orange at breakfast.



Here are some quick mocks for a Nine rebrand. Personally I think the “9” needs updating or could be dropped entirely, which serves the basis of this mock.

Here’s the proposed logo, as you can see the “9” has been dropped and a new slogan “Feel at home” is added.

Channel Logos
Nothing to special or no significant changes. 9 Gem was dropped, couldn’t think of anything to replace it with besides a Sport channel?

Nine News
Again, no major changes.

Not drastically different, but fresher colours are used.

Today gets a refresh, set and graphics wise. I’m liking the new presenting team so they’d stay. 9 Now stays similar.

Any feedback or ideas would be very much appreciated :smiley:


I have always believed this should be the direction Nine take.
Even though the 9 is iconic I now always read the logo as Nine-Nine because all other Nine related properties just use the dots and not the ‘9’


Looks amazing!


Slogan could be ‘Join the dots’!
Seriously though, that is really clever & bloody cool!


We make you feel at home…
Yes, you’re home on Nine


Nice mocks there! :slight_smile:


Nice. I love a mock that covers all parts of the presentation!


I feel that just the dots look weird, it works well with the life, go, sport channel names and the news, but I feel the main channel might have to keep the 9, and drop the dots. yeah, my main point is that those dots don’t really work on their own, with everything else it looks great.


Something like this maybe?


Argentina: “Estas en casa, estas en canal trece” (You’re at home, you’re at channel thirteen)