Random Mocks


Hard to fault.

Sure they are, I believe this is a generic mock topic, not specifically just tv, radio, or other media stuff.


I was bored in school, so…

If we had Nine news presenters on win news

(I know the red on red isn’t ideal)


Using the 2d logo. Nothing too original.


The 2d logo has only been used in 2001-02


Yes, no?





why are you unsure? I love it. it’s refreshing and modern, a good way to compete with 10


I can see them licensing a obscure song that’s a few months old for on-air presentation as what Ten did (both for Eleven and the 2018 rebrand)…


Took @SydneyOnAirTV’s design. I think the nine logo is from the website, maybe the finance page (think I’ve seen it there)


I can kinda see 9 (or Nine) adopting their online logo.


Which is exactly what 9 have been doing for the past 10 years?


This is fantastic and exactly the direction they need to be going in, the 9 logo is in desperate need of a refresh.


No, it doesn’t.

Nine’s logo is iconic and timeless. Leave it alone!


I think if networks such as Nine continue to look the same, it won’t be long till streaming services wipeout commercial tv completely. A fresh new look is the only thing that might save the major networks imo. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


While all good brands must evolve their image from time to time, the most familiar logos in Australia and around the world are those which have been in use for decades.

Even taking the 2006-08 dotless period into consideration, Nine has more or less retained the same basic logo design (albeit with some slight and barely noticeable tweaks) for nearly half a century. That IMO, is a good enough reason for the design to remain in use for as long as Channel Nine exists.


I agree in keeping the iconic :::9 design, but tweaking or changing the “9” would be ideal. You can only go so far with decorating a logo in gloss or 2d. Seven going back to a glossy logo would not be ideal.

I think there is no emotional attachment to commercial tv like there is with a Movie company logo for example, Walt Disney or 20th Century fox, so it’s important to retain the characteristics of the logo, but even they have changed things up over time.

^ Left the overall design, but enhanced/changed the castle and slight changes to the font. I know its dramatic to compare the disney logo from the 1980s to 2019 (of course there would be drastic changes) but thats how I see the Nine logo atm. Outdated.

Something always needs to change in brand design to keep the audience intrigued. I think we can agree on that.


At least Seven decided to dump the ‘Circle 7’ logo in 2000 and try something new.


A note for young players… you don’t need to rebrand every five minutes. There’s a reason why timeless logos are timeless. Go have a look on the internet, there’s plenty of half-decent sites that will tell you why.


Well in this superficial fast paced world of people and technology, maybe we do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But no, that isn’t the right approach. Timeless logos do succeed. I will leave channel 9 alone hehe


I think the 9 logo can be kept but just needs new implementation. Ditch the gloss!