Radio Data System (RDS)


nope - power FM is a clear signal but not strong enough for stereo or RDS on my XHDATA D-808


You are probably getting a bit of News Radio or i98 underneath. That is usually enough to stop RDS even though the audio seems clear.

I have that problem a lot when trying for Wave FM or i98


I doubt that is the case here. Just simply not strong enough


ABC Classic FM in Canberra on 102.3 has turned off the RDS last 2 days.


How come? Were there any errors that was you were seeing?

Does Triple J or SBS have RDS there?


Triple J still has RDS.
SBS and Classic don’t.

I don’t think SBS FM have ever had RDS.


Let’s all ring them 1300 13 9994 .


If you’re going to ring and complain about ABC Classic FM Canberra not having RDS why not ring and complain about any (as far as I know) of the non-metro ABC stations not having RDS?


Agree, I will add that feedback too.


There is a pattern… ponder this

If DAB+=true then RDS=true;


There are some community radio stations that don’t fit the pattern.


I was referring to the ABC and SBS


2NSB 99.3 Chatswood and 2MCR 100.3 Campbelltown don’t seem to be running RDS at the moment…?


Northern New England stations booming into Brisbane tonight. RDS from Breeze Tenterfield received.



That’s great that Tenterfield gets RDS on Breeze.
Community Radio 2TEN also has it too.
It looks like it’s the only town in all of North West NSW that has RDS.

I wonder which other Rebel/Breeze markets (outside of the Gold Coast region) have it eg. Goondiwindi, Stanthorpe, Rebel in Wide Bay etc


Interesting to see them use the same PI code as Breeze Mt Tamborine - wouldn’t have thought that AF would be practical here


Worth noting that Breeze NSW was running the same program as QLD. Station is still coming in this morning and it was the same for breakfast. Last year the NSW stations ran one hour ahead.


Breeze & Rebel Tenterfield are now part of the ‘Darling Downs & Border’ feed region. Tenterfield is <20km from the border, and the communities of Ballandean & Wallangrarra in Queensland listen to the Tenterfield signals. Stanthorpe & Tenterfield sites are synced 24/7/365 for the first time, which aids regular travellers between the towns on the New England highway, and allows RDS at both sites to seamlessly transition RDS radios.

Reuse of that simple PI code works well, as it is likely unique in Australia, with 100.6 & 99.4 both being unique Australian frequencies. Only the Logan & Kooralbyn transmitters now run different PI codes given the signal overlap with adjacent GC region transmitters, as Logan split off for new localised feeds launched earlier this year.

Breeze NSW no longer exists as a feed. Breeze in Gloucester Shire still broadcasts one hour ahead on a fledgling new Mid North Coast feed that will have a few new Breeze/Rebel FM MNC sites built and added over the next couple of years.

Rebel Media

Thanks - I notice the weather included Chinchilla, Miles, Goondiwindi, Stanthorpe, Tenterfield, and Bourke.


Thanks for this inside information. I assume these other sites include the planned txs at Cabbage Tree Mtn (Forster) and Kew. The Cabbage Tree Mtn services will introduce a breath of fresh air (sorry, pun) to the trip up the Pacific- even if the weather most of the year doesn’t.