Radio Data System (RDS)


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I’ve noticed this afternoon that Triple J in Sydney now displays the song currently playing on its RDS.

Elsewhere, i98 in Wollongong hasn’t been displaying the ‘currently playing’ on its RDS for quite a while now from my brief listenings over the last few weeks, including today whilst I was down in Wollongong. Likewise, 2VOX seems to have dropped RDS, as whenever I tuned to the station, it’s not showing up, even when in a strong signal area. At present, Wave FM & Power FM are the only stations in the Illawarra region to be using the ‘currently playing’ feature on its RDS.

C91.3 in Campbelltown is still the only commercial FM station in the Sydney/Illawarra/Central Coast region not to have RDS implemented.


The RDS in my car doesn’t show any of that anyway - I get station name and description only… Not sure why…

RDS is something that is yet to be utilised to its full extent IMO


Amc, have you viewed Dale Sharp’s handiwork with RDS? Most stations using his effort have a vastly improved RDS.


The last couple of nights for me I’ve found that RDS for KIIS 106.5 Sydney isn’t working.

Is anyone else having the same issue?


I’m having the same issue with KIIS’s RDS as you do.


KIIS Sydney’s RDS issues have now been fixed.


I’ve mentioned here on the old forums last October, in which whilst I was on the way to Eden, I’ve discovered that 2ST has RDS on its 91.7 & 106.7 service in the Shoalhaven, but is not available on its 102.9 Southern Highlands service.
Whilst at Bulli Tops this afternoon, I’ve managed to receive RDS of 2ST on the Forester car radio, with the “Now Playing” feature now functioning properly. It seems that 2ST’s RDS works well in long distance, despite the relatively low ERP of 1kW (91.7)/1.6kW (106.7), as I remembered that I can still receive RDS of them as far south as Narooma.


I’m not sure if someone mentioned the following before, but I’m currently up in the Mid North Coast for the next few days and have noticed that 2MC & Star FM are using RDS, where it reads as “2MC100.7” & “Star1023” respectively, at least through its Port Macquarie frequencies. I can’t confirm whether its Kempsey frequencies are also using RDS (eg. “2MC106.7” & “Star1051”).


that’s new…

I was in Port 6 months ago and they weren’t using RDS then… from either Tx.


We need an updated RDS list it seems!


There’s a list?


There was on the old board.


I’ve started one in a Google Form, open to everyone to edit.
Link here.


I’ll have a look and add some of my sites in…


Here’s the list from the old forum:


TEN FM is the RDS name for the station of callsign, 2TEN, the very successful community station in Tenterfield.

Their 89.7, 4kW ERP can be received between north of Wardell to south of Grafton, in patches.

There are also two Rebel Media services with identical paper specs, did not bother to see if they were on air and had RDS however.


Noted today that 105.7 on the Gold Coast now has RDS, it simply says ‘105.7’ as the station name. Not sure how long that has been there for

Also, Rebel GC/Logan now says ‘REBEL994’ as the standard station name, alternating with the frequency displays ‘994 GC’ and ‘905Logan’. Interestingly you still see REBEL994 listening on the 90.5 frequency. I presume the 99.4 frequency would say the same but don’t get RDS-strength signal of it here


105.7 has had RDS for at least 8 years that I know of but all it has ever said was ‘105.7 FM’. Yes 99.4 also displays REBEL994


There you go, shows how often I search up that end of the dial. My signal of the GC stations is good for listening but borderline for RDS at times, so I’ve never noticed :flushed: