Radio Data System (RDS)


All old photos, especially the second one… That is at least 4 years old as I started looking after 666 in 2015…
The APT are only used as backup and the primary is now Tieline Merlin’s
Last I heard 927 was been fed by STL, then again I could be getting confused with 4RO. In saying that, things tend to change and I have not been back to Gladstone since they have moved into the new studio’s


That would make more sense - licences are in place for an STL for 4RO. Quay St to Port Alma via Mt Archer.




And talking about Mt Archer and surrounding area, an ongoing failure of ACMA planning not to site the commercial FMs with the national broadcasters and TV on Mt Hopeful. Rockhampton/Gladstone a merged market, so unlike Wide Bay, this was possible and wide coverage signal instead of the lower powered commercial outputs.


You’d still need low powered translators in Gladstone. I found I struggled to get the Mt Hopeful stations in my car in parts of Gladstone.


Correct, the ABC has just that. It’s the lack of wide area coverage to the edge of the licence and mirroring the coverage area of the AM signals that is frustrating.


They have low powered repeaters in Gladstone, but only for Radio National and News Radio.


They also have a repeater for ABC Capricornia.


Yes, though it’s for the 4RK 837 service, not for the Mt Hopeful FMs that @NRN11 noted doesn’t have great coverage into Gladstone.


My omni FM antenna picking up RDS from 95.5 tonight



Great to see your receiving it well :slight_smile:


They pop up well in low signal. Is this the injection method/timing?


Nah no particular trick, only running the injection at 5%


2GO has new RT message: 107.7 2GO - Music That Makes You Feel Good

I noted an announcement about some changes to 2GO from Tuesday. Not sure what that’s all about.

Central Coast Radio

Another new RDS change for the Sydney region.
TCBL station Hawksbury Radio, Richmond/Hawksbury, NSW now with station identification as: “Hawksbury Gold”
New is implementation of RDS.
PI = 262C
PTY = Easy Listening
RT = [Title - Artist]

Just noticed (interestingly) RT changes for their adverts & news as (eg):

richmond club -
airnews -


Classic station playlist!


WA mediaspy’ers, is FM 91.7 The Wave running RDS?

s.39 sister, 97.3 Coast has had RDS for some years?


STAR 104.5 giving 106.8 as an alternative frequency. Is this right?


Must be a mistake.

I’ve never heard of it on any other frequency.


Power FM Muswellbrook now has RDS!

Complete with Song Info


ah, thanks for that info. I must try it via aircraft scatter & see if the RDS decodes