Radio Data System (RDS)


That’s great to hear.

I was wondering when Coomba Park / Stroud and Kendall would go to air.

Are there any others planned for Mid North Coast?


Rebel 93.7 Kia-ora is locked in. A number of other planned or proposed MNC sites, including Great Lakes (Cabbage Tree) final specifications, are buried in a state of endless planning queues with the ACMA, as we try to better consolidate practical multi site coverage. But we have a couple of interim options and determined to get 1 or 2 new services on air next year.


Good to know that 93.7 Gloucester will eventually make it to air. The current Breeze barely wafts into the Pacific Highway corridor, though.

A good ID for the 93.7 Rebel service would be ‘Rebel FM rocks the Tops’ (Barrington Tops).


So I found out my car does AF tonight (new i30)

I had saved the stations I wanted to listen to from Brisbane to Sydney as I drove down so I could flick back in order as I drove back instead of rescanning.

Little did I know that when I changed from Max FM to Triple M MNC, it went to 90.3 Point Haven instead of the 100.7 it was saved on. I left it alone, thought nothing of it until I got to Kempsey to refuel and it had retuned itself again to 106.7.

So not only did I find out my car has AF, Triple M MNC does too :joy: tried it for Hit, and it too works!


Smooth FM (Sydney) have made some recent(?) changes to their displayed RT.

[Song Title] by [Artist] on smooth 95.3
[Announcer name] on smooth 95.3

RDS List updated.


RDS action on 91.7 The Wave. Just station name ‘THE WAVE’. No radio text and no RDS on 97.3 Coast Fm at the moment.


JJJ and ABC Classic FM Hobart both have RDS (‘ABC CFM’ on Classic). Also noticed 7THE have RDS on both 92.1 and 96.1 (‘HobartFM’).


New RDS for Triple M Newcastle (formerly KOFM).


Triple M Newcastle RDS has been changed.


The ABC does not in Tenterfield. And they run the Lismore feed instead of Tamworth despite TV shifting to Tamworth via link instead of off air from Nardi.

I turn it off through there, one Cairncross or Y’pini sounds better than the other, but I’ve usually given up on their networked dross and tuned to ABC local or RN.

Thank you very much. A station name is better than no RDS at all. They’d have other matters to look after with a new station, good to know they appear in the RDS list over there.

A pox on all of them for destroying more radio heritage, brand value and financial value.


Just noticed 3RRR is running RDS

RT: Triple R - 102.7FM, 3RRR Digital, & RRR apps

Someone else may be able to confirm PI codes, I don’t have a reciever that does unfortunately

Edit: as does 3MBS - no RadioText, but that makes it three out of five Melbourne RA1 community stations to have RDS

PTY: Serious Classical


Gee- I would have thought 3RRR would be one of the first on board with RDS, given that they profess to be at the vanguard of Melbourne chic. Come to think of it, I’ve only really tuned in on my car radio (non RDS) or on DAB+ when in the culture capital.


ABC Classic FM Canberra (102.3) has finally turned the RDS back on after 2 or so weeks MIA.


Thanks, will keep an eye out for that next time there’s some enhancement from that direction.

It was weak yesterday, not enough to report it on the “AM & FM DX” thread, wouldn’t have been strong enough to detect RDS.


They must have turned down the injection levels. Even with my strong signal, its not decoding, just detecting the RDS signal


not always! … can also be too much injection!

could also be that its not locked to the pilot


to be honest, I don’t know why they fiddled with it, as it was working just fine before. It seems they have removed the data from the RDS & is just transmitting the RDS signal (aka no PSN,RT etc)


ABC Classic FM Canberra now has RDS operating normally again


Following discussion in the DX topic I had the radio tune to hit 89.1 Kingaroy. At one point this was received. I’m guessing a passing car has a Bluetooth hook up for their mobile phone to their car radio.



Did the Hit89.1 RDS return shortly afterwards?