New podcast / vodcast featuring Mick Molloy and Titus O’Reily.

ABC series tells sparkling story behind Australia’s biggest diamond heist


From the far reaches of the Kimberley to the finest jewellery shops in Europe, comes one of the most intriguing stories of the year, featuring a list of larger-than-life characters that could have walked straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

EXPANSE: Pink Diamond Heist, a five-part podcast series produced by the ABC in Western Australia, tells the jaw-dropping story of how millions of dollars of Argyle diamonds were smuggled out of one of the world’s most secure mines in the 1980s.

In a case that proves that truth is stranger than fiction, Pink Diamond Heist is a rollercoaster of discovery as host Sinead Mangan takes you back thirty years to uncover who was behind one of Australia’s biggest-ever diamond heists – and how they got away with it.

It’s estimated up to $50 million of diamonds were smuggled out of the remote mine in the 1980s and dispersed around the world to Hong Kong, New York and Switzerland. Only a few were ever recovered and the story of what really happened has remained a secret – until now.

The series talks to former investigators, jewellery experts, and those closest to the crime to piece together how these rarest of diamonds were stolen and where they are today.

The ABC’s new EXPANSE podcast feed explores big stories from across Australia – a vast continent where anything can happen. Pink Diamond Heist is its debut series.

Pink Diamond Heist is hosted by well-known ABC West Australian journalist and presenter of Australia Wide, Sinead Mangan and produced by Sarah Allely. Executive Producer is Edwina Farley and Sound Engineer, Adriano Sardi.

The series is available on the ABC listen app from Tuesday 19 July.

Explore how cricket unites migrant communities with SBS’s new podcast Colours of Cricket

SBS has today released the first episode of its new podcast Colours of Cricket. This new English language audio series offers a unique South Asian perspective on cricket in Australia, sharing how a love of cricket has brought communities together and could play an important role in breaking down racial and social barriers.

Over eight episodes, hosts Preeti Jabbal and Kulasegaram Sanchayan look at how players from the subcontinent are keeping cricket alive at the grassroots level and how despite underrepresentation at the elite level, they are emerging as the future of the game.

Launching Colours of Cricket at SBS’s Melbourne studios, cricket legend and former Indian captain Kapil Dev reflected on how the sport offers a sense of belonging in Australia, especially to South Asian migrants.

“People that come from any part of the world can represent Australia. I feel proud, cricket offers unity for those who come to Australia to set up a new life. I think Colours of Cricket is wonderful, what you, [the SBS teams] are doing, I have no words to express.”

The podcast explores the untold stories of the South Asian connection with Australian cricket over the past 150 years and celebrates the changing colours of cricket in Australia. It also looks at the rising popularity of women’s cricket and tackles difficult issues like racism and infamous incidents on the field.

In an interview for the podcast, Australian test cricketer Usman Khawaja said “It was tough at times going up through the ranks. I did stand out. I was Pakistani, I was a brown-skinned boy in a very white country which was good and bad. If I did something good I stand out, but if things didn’t work out I also stand out.”

Featuring interviews with current and former international cricketers including Kapil Dev, Usman Khawaja, Sunil Gavaskar, Lisa Sthalekar, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Alana King, Ijaz Ahmed and Gurinder Sandhu - as well as subcontinental fans, sports commentators, historians and community cricketers, the series captures a wide range of perspectives and voices.

Former Australian captain Lisa Sthalekar emphasised the role the Indian cricket team plays in promoting cricket in Australia cannot be underestimated.

“When the Indian men’s side comes out, Cricket Australia fills their coffers and they’re able to funnel money back down into grassroots cricket, which is really important. And then as fans, whenever India plays, they all come out in their droves and they show the Australian public how to support a team, how to get behind them, how to enjoy a day of cricket.“

A collaboration between several of SBS’s language programs – SBS Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Nepali, Punjabi, Sinhala, Tamil, and Urdu along with advisor, cricket writer Patrick Skene – the series brings surprising new perspectives on how relations between Australia and the Indian subcontinent have evolved through cricket and how cricket helps these growing migrant communities feel at home.

The first episode ‘Why are South Asian players underrepresented in Australian cricket?’ is now available at www.sbs.com.au/coloursofcricket, in the SBS Radio app, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other podcast apps.

New episodes in the eight-part series will be released weekly in the lead up to the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in October 2022.


New podcast from 10 & Listnr, Shockwaves: The Bali Bombings hosted by Ali Donaldson coming soon.

SBS on the hunt for more original ideas and diverse voices for new podcasts

SBS is calling out to Australian podcasters to submit ideas showcasing originality and diverse storytelling, as it looks to build on its podcast offering providing news, information and entertainment in more than 60 languages.

Submissions are open to podcasters with all levels of experience, and can be in any language or be multilingual. Shortlisted submissions will be invited to work with the SBS Audio & Language podcast team to further develop the idea, with new podcast commissions announced later this year.

David Hua, Director of Audio and Language Content at SBS, said the podcast call out is an exciting opportunity to hear a range of ideas and voices exploring new areas and topics.

“As SBS’s audio offering continues to grow, we are increasingly focused on using podcasts as an engaging way to tell diverse stories and share new ideas.

“We were amazed by the distinctive and compelling pitches received during last year’s call outs, resulting in podcasts such as Bad Taste , Colours of Cricket , Noongar Wellbeing , Our Deaf Ways and My First Year on Aussie Soil and we are eagerly anticipating a fresh round of ideas that align with SBS’s Charter and purpose.

“As Australia’s multicultural and Indigenous broadcaster, SBS is committed to ensuring all Australians hear their stories reflected and on demand audio is a key opportunity to showcase this.”

Since the launch of the network’s first podcast in 2008, SBS has continued to grow its podcast collection and currently produces podcasts in more than 60 languages, with more than 45 million unique downloads in 2020. Across the network SBS has produced award-winning and popular podcast series, including Eyes on Gilead , My Bilingual Family , Great Minds, SBS Learn English , My Arab Identity , Australia Explained (now in 12 languages), and The Uluru Statement from the Heart in your language.

This is SBS’s second podcast pitch call out, series commissioned through the first call out in October 2021 include Bad Taste , New Home , My First Year on Aussie Soil , Our Deaf Ways , Noongar Wellbeing , Conversations on Country , Chinese-ish , Transitioning in Translation , Mother Country , and Harmful .

Submissions are now open and will close on 12 September, 2022. All ideas must be submitted via the online form on the SBS website: SBS.com.au/podcastpitch.

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New Six-Part Podcast Series. Available Now On 10 Play.

From Network 10 and LiSTNR, comes Shockwaves: The Bali Bombings, a six-part podcast series hosted by 10 News First Senior Journalist Ali Donaldson, exploring the lives of people in Australia and Bali impacted by the Bali Bombings, 20 years on.

On the night of 12 October 2002, two bombs exploded, ripping through busy Bali nightspots the Sari Club and Paddy’s Bar, in the popular tourist district of Kuta, ultimately killing 202 people.

Of the 202 people killed, 88 were Australian. It was our worst peacetime atrocity.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary, Ali talks to those who were on ground, including one of the youngest Australian survivors, the heroes who risked their lives to save others, and the medical professionals who faced their biggest emergency in years, discovering where that tragic moment has taken them, two decades on.

She also talks to the local Indonesian community. Thirty-eight Indonesian people died and hundreds were injured in the blasts. We hear from local hospital workers, a waitress working in the Sari Club, and a woman who lost her husband and has found forgiveness in a most unexpected way.

Ali said: “I was sent to Bali 20 years ago to cover the bombings for 10 News and was struck by the incredible acts of humanity in the face of such horror. I’ve stayed in touch with people and this year spoke extensively to some of the survivors, investigators and medics.

“Revealing never before heard details from those that were there, these are stories of the deepest despair but equally incredible hope and humanity. All have experienced amazing twists in their lives and what they’ve learned I think could help many others struggling with life’s challenges."

Ali has a long association with the Bali Bombings, having been one of the first Australian journalists to fly to the scene when the devasting news broke. She has revisited the site many times in the two decades since the blasts, and has formed strong and lasting relationships with the families of some of the Australian victims and some of the survivors.

Today, many of the survivors also have incredibly uplifting stories to tell. This podcast reveals the astounding journeys that tragic event has taken them on, both emotionally and physically. How they survived the unthinkable, and how the things they learned can and are still are helping to save lives today.

Shockwaves: The Bali Bombings is available now with new episodes dropping every Thursday, on 10 Play and LiSTNR, or your favourite podcast app

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3AW breakfast co-host Ross Stevenson has launched his own podcast, simply titled Ross Recommends.

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(update 12/10) The ABC has launched a new WBBL podcast, hosted by Brittany Carter and Kristen Beams.

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Nine partners with Commonwealth Bank to launch scams awareness podcast

Nine partners with Commonwealth Bank to launch scams awareness podcast

In line with National Scams Awareness Week, 9Podcasts has partnered with the Commonwealth Bank to launch Anatomy of a Scam, a new weekly podcast series hosted by Deborah Knight that dives deep into the world of scams.

Anatomy of a Scam explores the technology and psychology used by scammers, and by the people working to protect our money and information. Each episode targets a specific aspect of scams in a fascinating, and at times, scary series.

The podcast breaks down some of the more prevalent scams to expose their anatomy and explain their inner workings. Episodes feature experts in cyber security and law enforcement, as well as real scam victims who share their personal experiences in a bid to warn others.

Worryingly, more Australians are falling for the con. Three in five people are either scam victims themselves or know someone who is. Financial losses are on track to double year on year, after doubling again last year. But the true cost of scams amounts to more than lost dollars as emotional damage is inflicted on individuals, families and businesses.

“Try as authorities might, we cannot arrest our way out of this scam epidemic, so education is key. Understanding how scammers target us is the first step towards recognising a scam in the wild and taking the necessary steps to stop it in its tracks”, said Deborah Knight.

“The scammer’s playbook is evolving to include tricks more brazen, techniques more sophisticated, and tools more advanced. Cyber breaches, phishing scams, ransomware attacks, email fraud, ID spoofing, fake investment schemes – and we’ve only scratched the surface. The method may change but the intention is the same: lure us in, rob us blind.”

Nine’s Director of Sales – Total Audio, Ashley Earnshaw, said: “Anatomy of a Scam is a perfect example of an ideal brand partnership, leveraging Nine Audio’s core pillars of expertise: News, Sport, Opinion.”

“At Nine we create great content, distribute it broadly to engage audiences and advertisers. It’s no different within Nine’s podcasts. The partnership with Commonwealth Bank is aligning on the interests and concerns that Australians have to protect themselves against fraud and scams, with a platform at scale to tell that story.”

Anatomy of a Scam is available from Tuesday 8 November, on all leading podcast platforms. Episodes drop weekly.

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The ABC has released a 6-part podcast series titled Everlasting Summer, looking back at the broadcaster’s cricket coverage over the past 90 years, both on radio and TV. It is produced by Radio National’s Amanda Smith (Life Matters, Sporty, the feature series Great Lovers).

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