What are your favourite podcasts?? What do you recommend to other MSers


The ones I’m subscribed to:

Scott Mills Daily from BBC R1
Wilosophy with Wil Anderson
Like I’m A Six Year Old with Tom Ballard
Dr Karl on Triple J
A Word In Your Ear with Roly Sussex from ABC Local


i’m an IT student so mine are mostly tech related:

This Week In Tech
Windows Weekly
Macbreak Weekly
security now
The Law Report


From radio, Hamish & Andy, Hughesy & Kate and Chris Moyles. Caught The Minefield on ABC RN while on holidays, which I’ll get to subscribing. Was a late follower of Serial, Season 2 hasn’t grabbed me so much though. Edit: forgot to mention Vinyl Soul, with Aidan G out of hit107 Adelaide, ex-K rock Geelong.

Has anyone here checked out Omny? I know there’s a bit of SCA and ABC content up there at the moment - love to know what others think.


For anyone interested, I’m about to launch a weekly podcast looking at the TV and entertainment industry. I hope to be able to bring some unique insights from my 25 years in the business.

You can get updates on twitter https://twitter.com/tv_blackbox or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TVBlackbox/


I listen to Sportsday with Gerard Healy and Dwayne Russell on weeknights, which is available on Omny. It is the entire two hour version which is broadcast across regional Victoria (3AW only gets the first hour).


If you’re interested, the first episode of my new podcast about TV and the media is now available.


After six years the Slump are pulling up stumps.


Merrick Watts is hosting a new true crime podcast Police Tape, which launches this Friday (March 29).


Anyone have any idea about what’s happening with 10Speaks?


Triple M has launched a new wrestling podcast On the Ropes, featuring Andrew Rose and Kris Gale from Triple M Sydney and David Nash from Triple M Brisbane.


I’m going to try this, maybe on the @blackbox podcast initially, and see how it goes.


Could’ve sworn it was posted here somewhere but I can’t for the life of me find it: really enjoying The Worst Sitcom Ever Made from RNZ, which looks at the disaster that was Melody Rules

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Thought it was you!

What an absolute disaster, can’t help but feel sorry for, well, almost everyone in the process at this point

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Yeah it’s a shocker. The shoe was so bad. I think there’s some floating around YouTube/NZonScreen.


Ladies, We Need To Talk


Yumi Stynes returns with Season 3 of your favourite podcast dedicated to forbidden lady business

It’s the sex-ed class we all missed out on – Ladies, We Need To Talk – the podcast that isn’t afraid to dive head first into the tricky topics we often avoid talking about.

Back with a brand new season, Yumi Stynes returns to help us rip through the sealed section on life and get frank about what it means to be a woman.

This season we’re going even deeper, to talk honestly about the things that make us feel weird, uncomfortable and maybe even gross.

Because if we can talk about it, we no longer have to feel weird about it.

Available now, episode one is all about bad sex; the uninspiring one-night stand. The lover with ‘performance anxiety’… There’s this idea that we grow out of it – that we get better at ‘doing it’ as we get older. But what if that doesn’t happen? What if bad sex is your life?

Yumi Stynes will help find the answers you need, tackling taboos like female discharge, abortion, being childless by choice, and how to make friends as an adult.

We’ll also revisit fan-favourite episodes to hear from ladies whose lives have been transformed since first sharing their story on the podcast.

Episode 1 of the new season of Ladies, We Need To Talk is available today, Tuesday 23 April and then every other Tuesday.

Hear it now on the ABC listen app , Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.