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That’s right, Cable TV had not posted a profit since 2008.

It was initially called exTV, then SuperSun then TVB Pay Vision. The company which ran the pay TV service now operates Big Big Channel, offering fans direct interaction with TVB artists and giving more exposure to actors not well known to viewers.


To add to this, this is the second relaunch from the station: The previous brand, HK Open TV, came from relaunching Fantastic TV back in 2018.

The station ident:

Programme junction and programme change slides. Towards the end of the break there’re stings featuring celebrities from their fledging talent show, introducing various programme genres:

Promo endboard for outsourced programming:


Mediacorp in Singapore underwent a corporate rebrand on its TV and radio stations last month. Bar their news channels CNA and CNA 938, all other stations adopted flat colours, plus the Mediacorp M symbol in a circle.

English-speaking Channel 5 retained the 5 numeral, in use since 1994, but without the textures. The countdown clock to the news was also changed in all channels:

Similarly, Mandarin-speaking Channel 8 also received a flat version of their 2001 symbol:

Suria and Vasatham, the channels catering for Malay and Indian communities, had new wordmarks:

More notable was Mandarin-speaking Channel U, who had their first rebrand since being part of SPH Mediaworks in 2001. It was unchanged with Mediacorp’s acquisition of SPH in 2005 (while its sister, Channel i, ended broadcasting), but now it was taken out of the circle and flattened:

The upwards arrows here are an important part of the new identity - it was called Mplifier, and was used as a unifying visual cue to all the channels.


Paramount seems to be offloading quite some assets recently. After selling their station in Mar del Plata, Argentina last year, their Telefe O&Os in Tucumán and Neuquén are sold to Grupo Televisión Litoral and Alpha Media respectively last month.

The former, already holding 2 other stations, rebranded Canal 8 with their triangular symbol and a new name, elochoTV:

The latter, a newcomer to television, reverted the station back to Canal 7:

This has more details on the sale.

Meanwhile, BET (including VH1) is also to be offloaded, with Tyler Perry and Byron Allen being potential suitors:

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I got the impression that Channel 5’s news was just coming straight from CNA inclusive of the latter’s brand, so the fact that News Tonight is branded in, at least, a neutral way (I’m sure it’d still be simulcast on CNA, or at least the CNA domestic feed) caught me a little off guard.

The whole branding idea’s certainly not a horrible look (though not exactly “wow” either), and I guess it was only a matter of time that the various domestic brands got interlinked with the Mediacorp logo. Almost a surprise they hadn’t done that earlier, although the 60th anniversary of Singapore TV is certainly a good time to do it.


Disney’s trend of removing the Fox branding globally continues. This time, it is happening in the Fox Greek channels (Fox and Fox Life, broadcasting to Greece, Cyprus and Malta); however, these channels are rebranding as FX and FX Life, respectively. The reason for such move is the inability to use the Star Channel brand in Greece, as one of the national commercial channels already brands as such; however, the graphics are well in line with the branding already used in Latin America and Finland. The rebrand happened on March 15.