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With the leadership coup in Zimbabwe, TV news bulletins in Australia have featured grabs from govt broadcaster, ZBC TV.

Is ZBC transmitting in digital? Are their studios/camera equipment digital?

Can’t find much mention online.

The projects section of the ZBC Corporate website suggests they are transitioning to digital, though the graphs seem strange.

Apparently they are feeding 48 terrestrial transmitters with a 12 channel service via Sattelite. http://news.eutelsat.com/pressreleases/broadcasting-authority-of-zimbabwe-chooses-eutelsat-to-accelerate-transition-to-digital-tv-1254799

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Hong Kong’s Asia Television is making a comeback. The former No.2 network ceased transmission on April 1 last year under massive debt and an ownership dispute. ATV’s new owner Star Platinum Enterprises successfully applied to the HK Supreme Court this week to end bankruptcy proceedings against the station. It will be officially relaunched next Monday (December 18) followed by a new app and a trial broadcast, before broadcast resumes in January 2018 through a set-top box. ATV has recruited several former executives and actors from rival TVB, among Stephen Chan Chi-Wan who will be the new host of the local version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Stephen Chan was TVB’s general manager of broadcasting from 2004 and 2011 and is now chief advisor and presenter on Commercial Radio Hong Kong.

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WIN or NEC or some aussie should have brought it…

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Asia Television was officially relaunched in Hong Kong’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel yesterday, under the new name Asia Television Digital Media. ATV will launch a trial broadcast via its app from today before it is available on the OTT platform from January 29. Subscription will then commence on April 1. Apart from the return of Who Wants to be a Millionaire after 13 years, ATV will show new Chinese period drama The Legend of Ba Qing, starring Bingbing Fan, which is said to have the highest production value to date.
ATV also announced a new partnership with Malaysia’s Green Packet to operate three digital free-to-air channels in Malaysia.

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Look what I came across while watching TV in Amsterdam.


And their slogan is “Welcome Home”.


Looks like a copyright infringement.


Can’t believe I’m just seeing this, but that looks like the type of blatant logo (and slogan) “borrowing” I’d probably expect to see on TV in a country like Indonesia or American Samoa.


Hong Kong’s Asia Television held a massive party last night to celebrate the launch of its OTT transmission. Apart from new local programs including the return of Who Wants to be a Millionaire (starting tonight with 15-episode celebrity version), foreign language acquisitions include Korean drama Mother which only started last week, K-pop chart show M Countdown, as well as Mr Bean, The Tunnel, Humans (UK version), BBC mini series Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and History US series Sons of Liberty and Six. Here is the new ATV logo:

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I just stumbled across these TV idents online for new Spanish broadcaster Ten, imagine how amazing something like this would be for Network Ten Australia if they were looking to rebrand or re-do their graphics package.


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Samoa’s going digital with 8 channels at launch… RNZ article here

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During a major speech at Townsville’s Lavarch Barracks today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Federal Government would deliver more Australian TV shows to the Pacific region to fend off Chinese influence.

I’ve been speaking to Free TV Australia and the commercial TV networks about how we get more of our Australian content into the region. Our pacific family switching on to the same stories, news, drama and sports we are watching at home. What better way of staying connected than through the people, the lifestyle and the every-day experiences we are lucky enough to enjoy.

That’s why I am pleased to announce that the Government will be working with our commercial media operators to ensure our friends in the Pacific have access to more quality Australian content on television and other platforms.

This will include things like lifestyle programs, news, current affairs, children’s content, drama and sports potentially.

This is an initial step towards providing more Australian content that is highly valued by the Pacific community.

So we could expect reality shows like Married at First Sight, MKR, MasterChef, The Block etc be shown across Pacific Islands in the not too distant future.

Don’t they all pretty much just pirate VAST?

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I think VAST only reaches as far as Bali and Papua New Guinea.

Free TV working towards Australia’s step up to the Pacific

Free TV Australia today confirmed that it has entered discussions with the Australian Government on an initiative to deliver premium Australian content to the Pacific region.

Free TV Australia Chairman Harold Mitchell AC said today: “We recognise the Prime Minister’s strategic intent to prioritise the Pacific region and are pleased to be working towards this important policy direction.

“This initiative will showcase the best and most popular Australian content. It’s a powerful way to strengthen Australia’s Pacific partnerships and connection to the region.”

Free TV CEO Bridget Fair commented: “Free TV broadcasters are the powerhouse of local Australian production.

“Australia’s commercial television networks invest over $1.6 billion annually in great Australian content and deliver the most popular and well-loved programs on television. More importantly our drama, children’s entertainment, news and sports programs reflect our Australian community and our values. We are excited to be able to share the best of Australian programming with our Pacific neighbours.

“We look forward to working with the Government to finalise this important initiative.” Ms Fair said.

i was in port villa a month ago and saw signs advetsing foxtel on chalkboards. i assume they get a multiroom and ship the STU’s over

This is a way of commercialising it through rights deals. Aus Govt works ever so hard again for those few constituents (and Bermudan domiciled owners) who own TV station shareholdings.

Does anyone know how I can watch the UK I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here? So annoyed it’s not on Foxtel and I can’t seem to get ITV Hub to work - probably because I’m in Australia.

I know it’s a crap show but I love it. Guilty pleasure and much better than the Australian version :slight_smile:

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