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I think these days Australian radio will only play hits that have charted very well in (say) the UK, US or that artist’s native country (for example, Benee’s “Supalonely”), or has potential to chart well here.

What I also know was that Topic and Becky Hill’s 2021 collaboration “My Heart Goes (La Di Da)” didn’t even crack the ARIA Top 50 yet it got regular airplay on Nova during summer last/this year, and even today it’s still played.

The recently released Mimi Webb song in question has only peaked at #23 on the UK charts. There, her highest peaking song is “House on Fire” (#6); that song got some airplay here in Australia in March/April.

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Another song Fine Line by Mabel was her breakout hit, top 5 in the UK, but got completely ignored in Australia. IMO it actually is one of her best songs. If Australian radio picked this song up it probably would have done well here too.

Don’t call me up, got played to death by Australian radio.

I think stations like Nova have gone ultra safe as they are now targeting an audience up to 54 years of age. 18-39 use to be their target market. When they use to target younger more new music was added, and 50% old songs did not make up the playlist like they do now.

In the UK CHR stations still target 18-39 in Australia they don’t anymore.


At the time she had yet to break the Australian market but later did so with “Don’t Call Me Up” which you mentioned. It’s her only charting song here; peaking at 14 on the ARIA charts in the first half of 2019.

A recent song of hers (“I Wish” with Joel Corry) also got some decent airplay on radio in Australia but never charted.

But that’s what I like about Nova - is that they play certain songs and artists others don’t, and also play some of the best charting songs from overseas.

And here’s a case of reverse psychology. This song did quite well in Australia but not so in its native Ireland.

Still on The Script - their latest song “Dare You to Doubt Me” has not yet been played on Australian radio but I will try to make sure of it when I ring up during Smallzy’s Surgery at some point!


But not nearly enough.


Nova has become Vega for an audience that don’t like to admit it!


I wonder how long it will be until Michael Buble becomes their core artist?


That’s typical Kyle style, claim a conspiracy and hope or Daily Mail pick it up.

And as for Shawn Mullins, that’s the ballad rubbish that should be purged from Kiis Syd & Melb, claim the format gap left by Nova & SCA.

There is most definitely a commercially viable market available to support the format. More than Cada/Edge ever had (who should chase local, direct clients yet ARN have lost this capacity & experience).


@Ant5476 another thing worth noting is that five years ago Nova frequently played “Rain” by The Script, though the song eventually never charted in Australia. In fact, they haven’t had a song chart in the top 50 since “Superheroes” in 2014/15.

But I would like to think they are still popular here as evidenced by the 9,000 strong crowd at their Sydney show ten weeks ago.

These days their songs rarely get played on the radio, and if so it would be “Superheroes”, “Hall of Fame” and “Breakeven” as these are their three most successful songs.


She eventually delayed the release of that single to October 7 (from September 16) due to the Queen’s death.


Wow. Finish on a Monday?

That’s different.


No, that’s the day of their last OB, which will be held at the Corner Hotel in Richmond.


Nova has been giving away free tickets to the Big Goodbye Show to listeners all this week. I think the last chance is today.

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Yes I know, my mate interviewed her.


As modern Aus radio (1990’s to today) have no idea how to remain relevant in facilitating music to chart.

Hence a whole bunch of irrelevant talk shows achieving nothing else but a bottom line drain paying so called celebrities who know nothing about real radio communication.

@Avatar5991’s mention of good streaming numbers show that CHR format radio has already reached irrelevancy.


With Spotify (and to a lesser extent Apple Music) you can pretty much listen to any song you want, anytime, anywhere.

While there are people who would stream the same song for hours on end, I’m not that type of person; I prefer to listen to a wide variety of music.

Just briefly going back to the topic of Mimi Webb - she’s not yet reached that “global” level as, for example, Ava Max or Dua Lipa has. Of the three, Max achieved the instant success with her 2018 song “Sweet but Psycho” (even four years on, I never get sick of that song lol), which peaked at number two on the ARIA Charts and reached number one in a number of other countries, including New Zealand.

Hey, how about keeping the Mimi Webb discussion to the Music thread rather than spilling over to every other thread?


Nova Entertainment CEO Peter Charlton and COO Peter Colosimo flew in from Sydney to watch the broadcast.


Good tribute to have the CEO and COO fly from Sydney to show their support, finishing on good terms.

Has Dave McClung moved to Melbourne now he’s looking after Nova 100 and a program manager appointed for Perth?

The colours and artwork for the bfast team’s ‘big goodbye’ are a long way from where Nova should be, looks like artwork more suited for an older, more conservative audience.


Chrissie was absent from Nova 100 breakfast this morning, with only Browny, Sam, Deano and Jack Charles presenting. Deano said Chrissie would be back tomorrow,