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Old thread:

Kate Mac will replace Dave McClung on Nova 93.7 mornings in Perth from January 18. Dave moves to a MD/APD role at the station.

Chrissie, Sam & Browny starts on Nova 100 on January 18.

None of the promos for the new breakfast show have any content from the breakfast show despite the fact that they’ve been in demo shows for a while

One has to wonder why? The promos that are running at the moment - whilst put together well - don’t do much to really tempt you over as a listener…

Maybe content promos will start next week? Or was there not one little bit of demo show content worthy of a promo…?

I just don’t get the show. Chrissie, Sam and Browny all would skew too old for Nova surely, and the image Chrissy projects is hardly on brand for Nova.

Would have to agree there. All three sound quite old for the once funky Nova brand.

While I didn’t agree with their policy of turfing out their presenters when they get older it does seem odd that they have been still doing that lately but now they’ve hired people even older.

I agree that the Nova brand is quite confused now. They seem to have abandoned everything that made the station great initially: Sounds different.

They place way too few alternative tracks now and way too many top 20 hits on high rotation. The music content was so much better when they had a wider playlist and were willing to play more music at the bottom of the top 50 or outside it.

I think it’s interesting to note the success of NOVA 106.9, the ‘last of the old guard’ if you will. Nova Brisbane, IMO, is as close to ‘old, fun Nova’ as you can get these days - and funnily enough, they tend to pretty well in the ratings.

Re: Melbourne breakfast - it’s easy to forget that Hughesy was in his 40s during the later stage of his breakfast run on Nova - as was Kate. Meshel would have been around 40 whilst she was on Melbourne Breakfast.
These new guys aren’t really any older than any that have come before… However I do feel like someone like Chrissie Swan seems to identify older, in the same way that Meshel Laurie seems to identify younger. But I guess we’ll see

Nova 96.9 has confirmed its line-up for 2016.
06:00-09:00 Fitzy & Wippa
09:00-13:00 Dan “DC” Cassin
13:00-16:00 Harlee McLeod
16:00-18:00 Kate, Tim & Marty
18:00-19:00 Fitzy & Wippa
19:00-22:00 Smallzy’s Surgery
22:00-01:00 Late Nights with Jason “Finn” Smith

Fresh 40 and Confidential remain.

Jason Smith is a rather strange recruit.

Ben Erbsland (formally of KIIS/Mix 1011) heard on Nova 100 this weekend.

Fitzy and Wippa are doing their show from London this week. They’re involved in the Operation Boomerang lamb campaign from London and appear in the TV advert with Lee Lin Chin.
Mumbrella article

Chrissie, Jonathan and Sam started this morning on Nova 100.3

On a Friday?

Pop up” show today

While they officially launch Monday, Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny, Melbourne’s newest breakfast show popped up this morning.

Listened to a bit of it today. Wasn’t bad. Can’t wait for the official launch.

The show is sounding great although find it strange how Sam starts at 7am each morning.

Oh does he??
They kept saying how he was running late, yesterday morning, but I didn’t realise he started then :o

I missed hearing that he was running late.

Ahh all good. :slight_smile:

Listened to both days of Chrissie, Sam and Browny and so far so good. A post on the Nova facebook page confirms that Sam is only doing the 7-9am portion of the show (like Mick Molloy does on MMM) . Like all new shows it will take a few weeks for them to really get in the groove but early signs are promising