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Just when you think it’s alright to lock the #jacketgate thread, the saga continues with the green dresses. :laughing:

Bizarre outfit leaves Nine viewers questioning if Amber Sherlock had another meltdown


Why does the thread keep getting locked? This is an ongoing crisis.


First World crisis. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sophie Walsh presenting Nine News Now today.


Belinda Russell presenting Friday Nine News Now.


Whats with Amelia Adams appearing on the chatroom lately (she appeared on Friday).


She’s been appearing since late October. :slight_smile:


Jayne Azzopardi is presenting Nine News Now on Friday this week.


Belinda Russell is presenting Nine News Now today.


Amber Sherlock dredges up #jacketgate again with an interview.

‘I was mortified’: the woman in white speaks out


#reopenthethread #royalcommissionnow


This charade will probably continue to go on for as long as Amber Sherlock is still with the Nine Network.

I don’t have a personal hate for the lady by any means, but as a TV presenter I can only think of Amber being “the lady who complained about the jacket” every time I see her on screen now. Surely I’m not the only one?


Belinda Russell presented again this Friday.


Jayne Azzopardi presenting Nine News Now today.


Sophie Walsh presenting Nine News Now today.


Hardly seems worthy of the number one story this afternoon, but I suppose it is happening in Sydney.


My OCD is more with the placement of the logo, squashing the text so unnecessarily. Move it over god damn it.


Could be eased with better word economy in the straps too.


Thursday (06.04.17): Belinda Russell is presenting today.