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Belinda Russell presenting again today.


Belinda Russell presented Tuesday - Friday his week.


QLD and NSW will receive the first 30 minutes of Nine News Now this Good Friday Day as the NRL game is on from 3.30pm.


Belinda Russell presenting Monday-Thursday.


Sophie Walsh is presenting on Friday this week.


Presenters this week-

Monday & Tuesday - Sophie Walsh
Wednesday & Thursday - Amber Sherlock
Friday - Belinda Russell


Belinda Russell is presenting today.


Most likely Amelia Adams will be returning to the Tuesday - Friday role next week. With Deb reading the news on today this morning… they might of asked her to come back today.


@HarbourSideTv it will be interesting to see what happens with Amelia, judging by a conversation she had this morning on Today Extra l don’t think she is returning to full time work as yet.Most likely a few days a week until she is ready probably some reporting on weekends while hubby looks after the kids.
But l do agree that eventually she will be back on Nine News Now on certain days.


I missed the conversation this morning. Shame she won’t be returning time yet… but i know her family lives interstate which is understandable when relying on child care among other things.


Is this all Amber Sherlock will be known for? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Look away Amber Sherlock!
Sam Armytage and Kylie Gillies show up in similar InStyle Award outfits


New set backdrop(s) on today’s Nine News Now!

Nine News Content and Appearance


Is that Nine News Now now? :slight_smile:


Using the left side of the ACA set.


For those who missed it, some snapshots from today’s Nine News Now with the different set usage:

Caps from Nine News Sydney at 4pm to come later in the relevant thread.


Sophie Walsh is presenting today.


Amelia Adams is presenting Nine News Now today.


Lovely to have Amelia back for today.