A video has been leaked to Mumbrella which seems to be designed by the person/people leaking it to damage Amber Sherlock’s reputation. The video shows her going off at Julie Snook after she apparently disobeyed an order made by Sherlock for her to wear a jacket during her appearance on Nine News Now yesterday.


Anyone who has ever worked in television knows that you don’t wear similar gear to the person you’re on with, whether same studio or in simple boxes.

Amber’s right on this one - although it wasn’t how she should have approached it.


I think Ms. Sherlock does a good enough job damaging her own reputation by behaving like this. Unprofessional, schoolgirl stuff. You’d think these people would learn from what happened when bitchiness in the Seven newsroom spilled onto the pages of Sydney Confidential.


After reading that article and seeing that clip, two questions instantly come to mind…

1: Who has just lost their job at Nine for leaking the video?
2: How long will it be until Belinda Russell permanently takes over Amber Sherlock’s presenting roles? Personally, I would not be surprised to see it happen before the start of ratings.

That is all I have to say on this matter for now.


Yes she had a point but she carried on like an absolute pork chop. She was the one in the middle so she should have actually got off her backside and got a jacket. Julia Snook handled Sherlock’s hissy fit like a pro.


I don’t think Amber should be punished. We don’t know why Amber was so pushy about it (I think she had a point). The only context that we can gather from the clip is Amber asked Julie to wear a jacket 2 hours prior. We also don’t know if this is the way Amber normally acts.


@Jeffmister exactly it was leaked to ruin Amber’s reputation and yes it will cause her a lot of embarrassment for sure. I’m guessing this leaked footage was during the commercial break Amber did have a point she told Julie two and a half hours ago.So what networks want us to believe about everyone being a happy family is not true l’m truly shocked!:joy:
Pure speculation on my part but maybe this petty issue was because of a underlying issues between the ladies.
Like all workplaces there can be conflict between colleagues at times.


But if Amber carries on like a naggy schoolgirl off air for something that wasn’t something necessary or serious then I don’t get why she is making such a fuss. If this starts to ruin her reputation I’d be willing to bet Nine News Sydney will do something about this so as not to damage their reputation as well.


Amber Sherlock has since made her Twitter profile private.


It wasn’t live on air, most of the footage seen was off air.


She’s copping a lot of abuse on social media.
Someone will be jobless by the close of business today - the person who leaked the footage. As amusing as the video is, crappy thing to do.


I did wonder why Julie had a jacket on when the program returned from the break.

Amber’s behaviour was derogatory and domineering, and the fact that Amber was fine with Sandy Rae (I believe because she is a regular) supports this. What gets me more is Amber is a feminist and habitually goes on about “it’s not about looks” or “females should stick together” etc. and then for her do it herself is so hypercritical. I know for me, I can never see Amber in the same way again, in fact I was fuming during Nine News Now today.


If I had been watching the show yesterday I would’ve questioned why Julie Snook was wearing a heavy, black jacket on one of the hottest days of the year so far. If she had appeared without the jacket, it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind that her clothing was similar to what the other two were wearing. Probably because it isn’t that similar.


Yeah. Before the break, the host says “joining me in the Chat Room today is…” and as seen in that video, they were all wearing white. Back after the break, Julie was wearing a black jumper and I thought that it must just have been a time issue as Lisa regularly changes tops between the Early News cross and Today.

I can still get in :smiling_imp:

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News.com.au have put up an article ending it by saying “And it only seems appropriate that we all #PutYourBlazersOnForJulie tomorrow.”


Blazer? Strange term to use.


I see the PR department is onto it.


I bet the IT department is onto it, too. Hope whoever leaked it covered their tracks.

It’s times like this I really miss Today Tonight. They would’ve been all over this story.


I’m dizzy from all that spinning.

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