Nine News Now


Strangely, today’s show didn’t start until 3:03pm following the afternoon movie and what seemed like a very lengthy promo for Plant Earth II.

Also, the show is being presented from the same set as the afternoon news/national news.

Speculate if you will; might have been experiencing some last minute technical difficulties with the usual set.
Any other information?


They often have that movie length promo before the show, but I also thought it was strange they are coming from Studio 23. I haven’t been home to see it any other day this week, any regular watches know if they have been in the other studio before today?


A good topic for discussion on the chat room next week would be how to resolve conflict in the workplace.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Amber had a fit because the bloke in the background had the same hairstyle as her today perhaps? :wink:


Today’s broadcast from the newsroom:

It must have been for technical difficulties or maybe perhaps because of #jacketgate


Is there any video of #jacketgate ?


Pretty much every news article that has been written on the matter includes the video,


Why is today’s bulletin 30 minutes long and starting at 3.30?


@nationalnews we had coverage of Santos Tour Down Under cycling hosted by Tim Gilbert from 12.30pm-3.30pm.


Becasue of the cycling highlights 11:30 - 2:30 - no Morning News either. Has been in the schedule.


Belinda Russell presenting Friday this week, most likely she will be the permanent Friday presenter this year.


With Natalia Cooper presenting weather on Today, I think that will be the case.


Maybe not permanent. Depends on where Amelia ends up when she returns from maternity leave.


Vanessa O’Hanlon appeared on Chat Room today.
@Syd_TVChannel mentioned this earlier in Nine News Regional thread.


Nine News Now was presented from studio 23 today.



Amber Sherlock presenting from studio 23 again today.


Caps of Nine News Now in the national studio


Jayne Azzopardi is presenting Friday Nine News Now.


Much better than the regular Friday presenter.