Nine Cricket Coverage

Also Ashwell Prince (he mentioned his involvement during his commentary on ABC Radio this afternoon).

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He’s joining the Seven coverage at Tea as a guest remotely from South Africa, so I think that answers the question of remote or not.

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Did he mention anything more?

Ashwell only said he would provide special comments for Supersport coverage.

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I don’t know whether Supersport are alternating coverage with Fox, although won’t be surprised if that’s the case as other international broadcasters such as Sony and BT did exactly that over the last two seasons when India and England were touring Australia. They’d typically show an hour of the Fox coverage then follow up with their own commentary. Sony’s coverage was totally produced off-tube in Mumbai, whereas for BT it was a mix of commentators at the ground and London.

However, I did hear Brayshaw on Triple M yesterday state that Mark Nicholas was at the ground and how happy he was to see him again. Also they were needling Mark Waugh for being exhausted after rushing to work in three separate commentary boxes (Fox, Triple M, and Supersport), to which Junior responded that it wasn’t that bad as the Supersport commentary box was next door to the Fox one.


Maybe I misheard and it wasn’t Dale Steyn. Sounded like him on that highlights package. My apologies.

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Ah ok, they must be taking the BT route and having a mix of different locations (at-ground and studio).

You can see here that the South African broadcast crew is at the MCG


Are any seen on camera at all?

Apparently, the team for Boxing Day included Mark Nicholas, Shaun Pollock, Pommie Mbangwa, Ashwell Prince, Morne Morkel, Mark Waugh and Glenn McGrath. All of them commentating at the ground, so more commitment than any other overseas broadcaster in recent years. BT was the last one to produce a full-fledged coverage away from home for the 2017-18 Ashes.



When does the Australian Team overseas tournaments TV Rights come up? Would like to see Fox and 9 pick up those rights (Tests: Fox/9, ODIs and T20Is: Fox).

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The rights come up irregularly. For example, after the Ashes, Australia will tour South Africa for an ODI series in August.


The ICC tournament things should be announced soon for the next set of tournaments. They were delayed because of the local deal


For the bilateral tours the home nation owns the rights and tend sell them as a whole (whether against Australia or not), with an exception of Australian tours of England where the ECB has to sell to an FTA, but currently sells the rest of their home serieses to Foxtel.

It’s remarkable that Fox has been able to hold onto most of them and manage to get deals at the last minute with nations they’re not interested in when not involving Australia (Bangladesh for example).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Nine/Stan or Ten/Paramount bought the English rights as a whole next year when they expire, before Fox can pick over the scraps and using their streaming platforms for all the other matches though.


Who has the WTC rights?

I think Fox

Edit: 7 has exclusive rights

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Sky Sports, host broadcaster for the upcoming Ashes series in England, announced a 21-member strong commentary team on Tuesday.

Commentary Team for Men’s Ashes
• Ian Ward
• Nasser Hussain
• Ricky Ponting
• Mel Jones
• Mark Taylor
• Mike Atherton
• Eoin Morgan
• Kevin Pietersen
• Kumar Sangakkara
• Mark Butcher
• Dinesh Karthik
• Sir Andrew Strauss (Lord’s Test only for the Ruth Strauss Foundation)

Commentary team for Women’s Ashes
• Nick Knight
• Isa Guha
• Mel Jones
• Simon Doull
• Mark Butcher
• Charlotte Edwards
• Lydia Greenway
• Lauren Winfield-Hill
• Charles Dagnall


Mark Nicholas out of favour?

and no - before the obvious comments of he’s not English…
Pietersen is South Aferican - and Morgan is Welsh :slight_smile: