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Anthony Langford of North Sydney is one of the names on the missing persons list. I’ve heard of that name before. There’s a Youtube channel with the same name which has posted various TV Christmas tapes as well as general old TV stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same person.

Normal news still happening.

That was over a week and a half ago?

I was looking for non-coronavirus related news

Has anything else happened in the last week?


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Certainly doesn’t seem like it :roll_eyes:

With people self isolating and socially distancing, what other news do you expect?

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Apart from the pandemic…no nothing else!:neutral_face:

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Coronavirus had come at a very convenient time for the ADF. The Four corners episode of the war crimes in Afghanistan would have been much bigger news otherwise.

I get the feeling there will be a lot of scandals slipping under the radar at the moment. The Catholics would be hoping for a George Pell verdict before Coronavirus gets better.


Well looks like they’re running out of coronavirus news. There was a bit more normal news in tonight’s bulletins. Dog attack and tornado.

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