News Corp Australia


So there are now five glossy News Local papers in Sydney:

Inner West Courier
North Shore Times
Southern Courier
Mosman Daily
Wentworth Courier


News Corp 's value has crashed as the circulation and therefore influence of its Australian and UK newspapers continues to plummet. Its book value fell 40pc to $300 million.


The saga of One.Tel finally wraps up on Thursday with one last creditors meeting in Sydney. Investors Packer Jnr and Murdoch Jnr, who lost millions of their father’s cash, are not expected to attend. It was a spectacularly bad investment for News.


The Daily Telegraph website was relaunched (or as they say, "reimagined’) this morning. I feel it has taken a leaf from Daily Mail website with bigger and more sensational headlines, as well as bigger texts.

Also, DT and Herald Sun are now offering free Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones if readers buy a digital subscription for 12 months.


Because that’s the one thing we need more of in journalism?


It looks like rubbish on my phone now. I just see sensationalist headlines now and no content. Good reason not to bother with it any more.


It’s been like that for years? :thinking:

It certainly needed a refresh as the page looked cluttered and quite dated, so what they’ve done looks OK to me.


Of course. As to be expected. :roll_eyes:


Yes, because design is political. :roll_eyes:


Nobody dare say anything negative about a right-wing media outlet.


I think me criticising the content itself (in addition to the redesign looking “OK”) is hardly “nobody dare say anything negative”. :roll_eyes:


The Sunday Telegraph invited personalities from Nine shows to guest edit today’s edition. They include:
Lisa Wilkinson - news
Karl Stefanovic - opinion
Sonia Kruger - Insider (entertainment section)
Sylvia Jeffreys - Body & Soul
David Campbell - Stellar magazine
Steve Jacobs and Natalia Cooper - Escape
Richard Wilkins, Scott Cam, Tim Gilbert and Ross Greenwood also wrote columns in today’s paper.


Eddie McGuire on The Footy Show mentioned on Thursday he was guest editing the sports section in today’s Sunday Herald Sun.


“invited” perhaps meaning “the Nine Network threw a s***load of cash to News Corp so that their celebs could do some publicity for their respective shows?”

I can’t see News Corp (or any outlet) doing this sort of thing out of charity. It will be as product placement surely.


When I glanced at the front page of the Tele this morning I saw the pic of the Today team and misread one of the words. Interesting that all the real news got relegated to later pages, not counting the advertising wrap around and no real news even on pages two or three, when this lot got their hands on the publication.

The real editor probably didn’t think they could stuff up too much when he let them loose on his newspaper for a few hours on Friday. He was wrong. <sarcasm, mostly>.


Peter Hitchener was also mentioned in a news report the other night.


Walkley award-winning journalist Dan Box has returned to Britain with his family after five years as national crime reporter for The Australian. His last major work was the six-part vodcast The Queen and Zak Grieve, which will make its pay TV premiere on Crime + Investigation channel on September 27.


Are the freebies and heavily discounted subscriptions counted?


Adelaide Advertiser editor Sam Weir has been appointed the new editor of The Courier-Mail, replacing Lachlan Heywood, who will be leaving News Corp after over twenty years with the organisation.


Wonder where he’s going…