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Tweet from The NT News today

Way to confuse more than the lawyers :smirk:

No care. No responsibility.

The Australian reports today (paywall) News Corp has been in talks with Seven West Media to sell The Sunday Times of Perth to SWM.
While News Corp dominates the rest of Australia with likes of The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun and The Courier-Mail, it seems it is a different story in WA where The West Australian (owned by SWM) is No.1. So why will News Corp want to reduce its presence in the state even further by selling off the only major paper it owns there?

Clive Mathieson, editor of The Australian since April 2011, has been appointed director of economic, infrastructure and state priorities in the office of NSW Premier Mike Baird. He will leave the paper at the end of February.

The Sunday Times has been drowning for years. Propped up with generic material from over east each week.

Speaking of News Corp, apparently states in America are now either male or female.

Big thumbs down to whoever the dopey was that penned this article/headline, in a cheap attempt to drive some feminist/anger clickbait.

The white, male state of New Hampshire that Hillary Clinton will fight for with Bernie Sanders

Michelle Bridges has switched camps and will write a fitness and nutrition column for Body and Soul supplement in News Corp’s Sunday papers, starting next week. She has been writing a similar column for Sunday Life magazine (The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age) for the past few years.

Also, I have noticed the Herald Sun has put more news articles behind the paywall, even some breaking news. However most entertainment article are still free to browse.

How long has The Australian’s website had these 404 error pages? :joy:

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Better than a lot of their journalism.


Even their error messages are right wing. :wink:


Have the News Corp websites crashed today?

Only for a brief period of time. Just as well it wasn’t at the start of SuperCoach. Imagine the carnage.

News Corp has sold Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report to Australasian Wealth Investments (AWI), which is owned by Paul Clitheroe, former host of Money on Channel Nine.

The Courier-Mail announced yesterday its Canvas arts and entertainment supplement (similar to Spectrum in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturdays) would be merged into QWeekend magazine from next Saturday.

What are The Telegraph going to do now that their number one :revolving_hearts:poster boy :football:Jarryd Hayne is leaving the 49ers? No more play by play articles of his every step in each game he played, no more daily speculation on whether he would be in the team or what a great achievement is was to move to the US.

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Blame Labor, since that’s what they usually do


Knowing The Daily Telegraph, it’ll just mean more space for more political bias and/or NRL scandals on the front pages! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s one thing for a private media organisation to print whatever it wants - the real question is why are people still buying this paper?

I suppose it’s easy to be the best performing “national paper” when there isn’t any other…